System Requirements

Specifications for Signiant Flight

Cloud Storage

Amazon Web Services S3
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Storage (available soon)
Any S3 compatible cloud storage solution



Minimum of 8GB of Memory (RAM)

Command Line Interface

Windows 7 or higher
Windows Server 2012
Mac OSX 10.8 or higher
Red Hat Linux 6.x and above
CentOS Linux 6.x and above
Amazon Linux 6.x and above

Managers+Agents Component

Signiant Managers+Agents 9.x and above


Signiant Plug-in (required for JavaScript API)

For Windows (32 bit):
IE 8+
Firefox 4+
Chrome 15+

For Mac OS X:
Safari 5+
Firefox 4+
Chrome 15+

For Linux:
Firefox 4+
Chrome 15+