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Pricing and Packaging

Media Shuttle is packaged and priced for any-sized business and is easy to deploy and operate at any scale. It is used by more than 50,000 media & entertainment companies of all sizes and from all corners of the globe. Let’s have a quick conversation so we can provide the best option for your business.


Affordable package for small to mid-sized businesses that will scale as your company grows. Media Shuttle works with your on-premises storage, your cloud storage or both.


For larger businesses operating at scale with complex networks and diverse, distributed storage environments. Advanced features include single sign-on, pre-transfer file validation, metadata handling, and access to APIs for integration with other systems.

How it Works:

  • Active Users

    Signiant has chosen a unique licensing model designed especially for the media and entertainment industry. We know that workforces ebb and flow in the media business. Our model ensures that you only pay for the people that are actively using Media Shuttle, and we don’t charge you for occasional one-time users.

    Our definition of an active user is someone who sends at least one file or receives three or more files in a given month.

  • Floating License Model

    Your Media Shuttle annual subscription is essentially a pool of floating licenses that is shared across your organization, and only active users consume a license.  Unlike the common model that locks a license to a specific user, the floating license concept gives you the flexibility to have the same users every month for the duration of your subscription – or to change users month over month.

  • Choose an Annual Subscription Tier

    Media Shuttle licenses are sold in annual subscription blocks of 10 or more users, and the price per user decreases with volume.  Simply estimate how many active users your organization will need and choose the corresponding tier.  It’s not critical to be precise.   You can always contact Signiant to switch to a higher tier as adoption grows, and as described below we will automatically invoice you for monthly overages.

  • Adding Members

    We make it simple to add users above your selected tier for a high-demand period. You do not have to call Signiant or do anything on your side to activate a member. A member can immediately begin using Media Shuttle and we will add them as part of the active user count in next month’s statement and charge you at your current tier. Media Shuttle seamlessly scales for you.

    Let’s have a quick conversation so we can provide the best pricing option for your business needs.

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