Workflow Solution Portfolio

The following workflow solutions have been designed and/or built by the Signiant Professional Services team, and are representative of the overall portfolio:

  • Broadcaster – Ingest via Media Exchange/Signiant Agent/Smartjog/FTP, automated validation then manual validation, checking into MAM, export via Media Exchange/Signiant Agent/Smartjog/FTP
  • Broadcaster – Ingest via FTP Pull/Media Exchange, media check, Agility transcoding, import into Sonaps and Avid editors
  • Playout Center – Ingest via Signiant Agent, movement of file bundles, antivirus check, splitting of bundle on arrive in LAN, delivery of each piece to the location
  • Broadcaster – Avid export, transcoding, sound recording, manual steps offered via Media Exchange GUI, delivery to playout
  • Broadcast Post-Production Facility– File bundling of QuickTime assets using XML, Rhozet transcoding
  • Broadcast Post-Production Facility – Avid Gateway – easy ingest and distribution of Avid projects
  • Broadcaster – High Priority Media DropBox with antivirus scan
  • Global Media Company – Video on Demand (VOD) preparation with automatic adding of bumpers, logos and subtitles and automated quality assurance check
  • Global Media Company – Missing items list playout automation, integration with Gorilla asset management

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