Automated system-to-system file movement across your enterprise

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What you get

When you purchase Manager+Agents, the Manager gives you control, configuration, monitoring and reporting for up to 15 Agents. Additionally the Manager includes 4 workflow templates for the distribution, aggregation, replication, and hot folder transfer of files. Agents are required to execute the tasks defined by the Manager, including accelerated server to server (Agents) file transfers, other automated processes and firewall transversal. You can get started with just one Manager and the number of Agents you need for each location. Add additional Agents for other locations, partners, endpoints or for redundancy and load balancing.

Additional OPTIONS for increased FLEXIBILITY

There are also a number of optional modules that can be added to the Manager including but not limited to.

  • Automation Engine for customized workflow automation.
  • Resource Management for advanced bandwidth control, Agent resource throttling, and job queuing.
  • High Availability for Manager redundancy.
  • Remote Standby for Manager remote backup and standby.
  • Accelerated movement of large media files to and from public cloud environments (Amazon, Azure) for rendering, transcoding or archive via Signiant Flight.

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