3 Paths to File Transfer Efficiency

IT professionals love the ease with which Media Shuttle integrates with existing systems, making it simple to onboard new users. And operational teams can benefit from special tools that enable file format compliance checks, metadata capture, and automatic deliveries. Media Shuttle’s unique capabilities were developed by listening carefully to ALL of the stakeholders within a media operation–and developing enhancements that benefit everyone.

7 Pitfalls of Relying on FTP to Share Video Content

Despite being a decades old technology, FTP is still widely used to move large video content between people, systems and even into the cloud. Anyone that’s ever used it knows how slow and unreliable it can be, not to mention difficult to maintain.Check out the recording and learn about some of the most important reasons why media organizations are reconsidering FTP for sending and sharing their video content.

The Next Phase of File-Based Workflows: Preparing for the Future of High Resolution Content

Keeping up with the evolution and demands of delivering high resolution content is getting more difficult every day. Media organizations are being forced to rethink their existing technology choices to scale their business and enable their team to be more efficient without inhibiting creativity. Check out the recording to hear some of the most important reasons why media organizations are focusing on improving their file-based workflows.

FTP’s Midlife Crisis: It’s Time to Accelerate Your Production Workflow

FTP has performed admirably for 45 years, and it may be a file transfer solution you still depend on. But as file sizes continue to grow and workflows continue to globalize, your business needs to move faster to compete. Join us to learn how continued use of FTP could place your business at risk and why it’s time to consider an accelerated file transfer solution to augment and eventually replace your FTP.

From FTP to SaaS: The Changing Landscape of Large File Transfer

Moving content files safely, reliably and securely has always been mission critical to the media industry. And while the transition to digital format has in some ways made moving and sharing content easier, there are still many challenges. File sizes are growing, teams are more dispersed around the globe, and legacy solutions like FTP are unreliable and increasingly problematic. In this webinar you will learn how the transition from FTP systems to next generation SaaS solutions are not only overcoming these challenges but taking businesses to a new level of productivity and professionalism.

5 Reasons Video Production Teams Need Fast File Transfer Software

The art of video production has evolved in so many ways in a relatively short amount of time. One direct result has been the growing demand for higher quality video, which means larger video files. Whether your team is working their way through the production process or ready to distribute final video content, they need a reliable way to send and share video content. Finding the right solution is more important than you think.

Accelerate Delivery of Files into Cloud Storage

Signiant Flight

Many organizations today are utilizing or considering cloud storage, however one of the biggest inhibitors of adoption has been the challenge of getting data and files, especially large files, into the cloud. And for some initiatives – like time-sensitive workflows, large scale ingest, and near real-time analytics – speed of delivery is an important factor that can significantly impact your ability to hit deadlines as well as manage costs.

Signiant CTO, Ian Hamilton, looks at current bandwidth latency challenges, and how Signiant’s SaaS solution, Signiant Flight, can help you quickly easily move your large files into the cloud. Learn about:

-Why and when acceleration matters
-How to achieve delivery speeds up to 200x faster than FTP


Shorten post-production workflows by taking advantage of the cloud: An ENVY Post Case Study

Many post-production organizations like ENVY Post are faced with the challenge of sending and receiving large files to local and international clients, whether this is the transfer of rushes from set, the delivery of final masters or providing a collaborative working space for specific projects.

See how cloud solutions helped ENVY Post improve their workflows and overall business efficiency. ENVY discusses specific projects including how they used Signiant’s Media Shuttle to collaborate on over 10,000 assets for the archive-based documentary series The 1990’s.


Got FTP? Improve Performance, Reliability & the End-user Experience without Replacing Anything

FTP was once the dominant solution for sharing files among distributed groups and teams. It was perceived to be easy and cost effective for any IT team to implement. Many organizations are still using those same FTP servers, but it’s not delivering the speed, reliability, flexibility and simplicity their users need. Today’s media operations teams are moving faster than ever, and their content needs to move even faster.

In this webcast, Mohammed Aboul-Magd, Product Manager at Signiant, discusses how media organizations can continue to leverage their existing FTP file system AND satisfy their users by supplementing it with a simpler, faster, more reliable file sharing solution, risk free. Learn how you can:

•Augment your FTP systems instantaneously, without interrupting your business
•Increase efficiency of your team and reduce administrative burden
•Easily and effectively scale to support your business growth
•Gain visibility into all of our file movement and bandwidth
•Keep your content and accessibility under your full control


Three Ways to Simplify Movement of Large Digital Assets

The rise of online file sharing services – like Dropbox or Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) – has given media professionals more choices when it comes to moving their content. However, while the user interface makes it easy to send small files, when it comes to large, high-value assets the limitations of these solutions make file sharing difficult and time consuming.

Media Shuttle from Signiant provides a single cloud-based solution for all your file transfer needs. Join Mohammed Aboul-Magd, Product Manager, for this upcoming webcast where he’ll share three ways that you can use Media Shuttle to easily send your large digital files anywhere, fast. See how you can:

  • Avoid juggling multiple solutions to get the job done
  • Keep your files in their original format when you send them
  • Speed up file transfer by as much as 200x
  • Manage all your transfers in one easy-to-use solution


Securing Your Digital Workflow in the Cloud

Media enterprises of all types have one thing in common today: the need to share valuable content across the digital content supply chain. Large digital media files are difficult to share with existing solutions. As a result, media operations professionals and other users will look to convenient cloud-based file sharing services that lack enterprise security, visibility and control. Without proper safeguarding and corporate management, employees could be putting your organization’s valuable digital content at risk of loss.

This insightful recorded webcast includes our panel of experts who draw from real-world examples and discuss how to identify and overcome key security challenges in your digital workflow. View this recording and hear about:

  • The importance of actively managing content security in today’s world
  • Challenges of sharing, controlling, and safeguarding digital content
  • Considerations when securing your content sharing architecture
  • How to safely and easily take advantage of the cloud to share your content


Extreme File Sharing: Three Secrets to Staying in Control of Your Large, High Value Assets

In today’s world the most critical, high-value digital assets such as video content, imaging information, design files, and analytics data sets are some of the largest— often tens or even hundreds of gigabytes in size. Sending or sharing these massive files is difficult, especially when security is paramount as they move across the content ecosystem.

More users are turning to inexpensive file sharing services to move their files from point A to point B, but while these resources are good for smaller files — especially when compared to tools such as FTP or online file sharing services — they are lacking when it comes to sharing large, high-value digital files.

Anyone looking to improve the security, speed, and control of their file sharing efforts should view this webcast from Signiant – the market leader in EXTREME FILE SHARING solutions – to learn about Media Shuttle, software designed to move and share large, high-value digital assets. By viewing this webinar you will learn about:

  • The main challenges IT and end users face in moving, controlling and safeguarding large files
  • How they can simply and easily gain control and visibility over the movement of critical digital assets
  • Why delivering a simple solution that end users will love is crucial
  • How to secure corporate content with storage-independent file sharing solutions
  • Why they should evaluate extreme file sharing solutions against their own must-have requirements


Scaling Your Content Ingest and Distribution Network with Next Generation File Transfer

FTP was once the solution for sharing files among distributed groups and teams. It was easy and cost effective for any IT team to implement. However in today’s world the demand on media operations teams for content development and distribution are stronger than ever. As their roles have evolved, so has their need for more powerful, reliable solutions to help manage content distribution.

In this recorded webcast Rick Clarkson, VP of Product Management from Signiant, discusses how you can leverage Media Shuttle from Signiant to deliver a fast, reliable, and affordable solution for moving the largest media files. View this webcast and hear about:

  • Benefits of a ready to use, out-of-the-box solution
  • Increasing efficiency of your team and reducing administrative burden
  • How to scale as your channels grow
  • Managing and monitoring file movement and bandwidth


Using the Cloud to Simplify Media File Transfer and Delivery Spec Validation

Enterprise IT organizations are faced with many challenges especially when it comes to media file movement. One major challenge has been the use point file-transfer solutions that are not centrally managed and create barriers for compliance and operational efficiency. These teams are quickly realizing the payoff of implementing a solution that offers both sophisticated management tools and data storage on their network, coupled with a cloud-based user interface that is suitable for anyone in the organization.

View this recorded webcast Mike Nash, Signiant Product Manager, and see a 30-minute demonstration of these two powerful new solutions from Signiant that can help your organization tackle these tasks with ease, without increased infrastructure support – or busting the budget!


Streamlining Media File Format Compliance for Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Today’s fast-paced and complex media centers require that files of many formats be properly identified, tagged and managed with lightning speed. It is expensive and time wasting to ingest a file that fails to meet both technical and business requirements. Ensuring file conformance at the input stage is both efficient and cost-effective. View this in-depth presentation with AMWA’s Executive Director, Brad Gilmer; Turner Television’s Vice President of News Technology, Michael Koetter; and Signiant’s CTO, Ian Hamilton. and learn about:

  • Standards that enable efficient file processing
  • Lowering costs through early error detection
  • Choosing the correct building blocks for your asset validation strategy


20th Century Fox: Perspectives on the Move to a Completely File-based Industry

Signiant’s Rick Clarkson sits down with John Koscheka, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Fulfillment and Digital Services at 20th Century Fox, to discuss the many challenges involved with moves by the media and entertainment industry to a completely file-based world. This is not be a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, the interactive Q&A session includes John’s responses to questions posed by Signiant and the audience. Sponsored Signiant and Produced by MESA.


Case Study: National Hockey League (NHL)

Hear from Grant Nodine, NHL’s VP of Technology, on their evaluation of file movement solutions, why they selected Signiant and the business benefits they have been able to achieve.

“Video is a central platform for engaging NHL fans, both online where we serve them content they cannot get anywhere else, and in arenas where we highlight all of the exciting plays happening in other markets. We are constantly innovating to super-serve our avid fans, and deploying Signiant solutions is an important part of that strategy.” – Grant Nodine


Moving Global Content Exchange to the Cloud

Signiant’s CTO Ian Hamilton discusses historical challenges and new hybrid approaches to secure file transfer in the cloud. Presented June 20, 2012 at Broadcast Asia, Singapore. (15:32)