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Media Shuttle – Product White Paper

The most comprehensive asset on Media Shuttle to date, this product white paper covers how cloud technology has enabled a new generation of large file movement solutions, explaining:

  • Signiant’s core technology – acceleration, reliability, security and scale-out management;
  • Media Shuttle’s system architecture;
  • IT considerations, and operation mangers and end user benefits;
  • Shuttle’s TOC and pricing model;
  • Enterprise features and the Web Transfer API;
  • Using Shuttle with cloud storage.

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Flight – Product White Paper

Today, most enterprises are connected to the cloud, or they are looking at ways to harness the cloud’s advanced compute and storage offerings. However, for many of them, moving big data into and out of cloud storage in a fast, reliable and secure manner is an ongoing challenge. Download this white paper and learn how Signiant Flight is helping organizations around the globe solve this problem. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • What acceleration means for file transfer and how it works
  • Benefits of easy global access to cloud storage
  • How a cloud-native SaaS solution can help you minimize operational overhead
  • Real-world applications of how customers are using Flight

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FTP Pitfalls

The Pitfalls of Relying on FTP to Move Large Media Files

FTP turns 45 in 2016. And while this foundational protocol is still used by a large majority of media professionals to move content, it is slow, unreliable and unable to keep up with the industry. This eGuide covers the history of FTP and why it is no longer the best method to move media files and other types of large unstructured data. Learn how:

  • FTP is using up valuable production and IT resources
  • FTP is unable to keep up with increasing file sizes
  • Unmanaged File Sharing is creating security issues
  • FTP is slowing down business productivity

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Why Cloud-Native Matters: And How it Differs from Cloud-Washed Software

B2B software companies today all have their own way of explaining how their cloud solution is revolutionizing business. But not all companies mean the same thing when they use the term “cloud”. As cloud-adoption increases, it is necessary to make some clear distinctions between “cloud-native” and “cloud-washed” software.

Download this eBook to better understand the important differences and why they matter. Learn about Signiant’s award-winning cloud-native SaaS products for accelerated file transfers, and how these can help your business.

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Faster, Safer, Cloudier

3 Critical Questions in Choosing the Right Accelerated File Transfer Technology

There are two fundamental IT realities in media today: Files are getting bigger. Deadlines are getting tighter. The result is that media businesses need to rethink how they move their most valuable data from place to place—whether from studio to distributor, production house to client, or datacenter to cloud. The answer is file acceleration.

Download our new guide to discover the key questions you’ll need to answer to ensure you get the right file acceleration solution for your business.

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The Cloud: Revolutionizing the Media Business From Above

It’s the new normal for broadcasting. Larger file formats, bigger data sizes and higher-resolution images are here to stay. And that has pushed the industry to search for reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective ways to efficiently and securely send, process and store those large files — and to do so in a way that enhances workflows, rather than stymies them.

Download our new eBook done in partnership with NewBay to learn how major broadcasters and other media companies have begun to move segments of their core operations into the cloud.

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Secure Design in a Hyperconnected World

Over the last decade, we have seen an increasing digital interconnection of people and devices globally. The move from mostly isolated to highly interconnected networks has given us the ability to quickly and simply share files and collaborate on projects with remote partners like never before. Unfortunately, the same interconnectedness that enables innovation in the industry also opens the door to cyber crime, making the security design of media software more important than ever.

Download our article featured in the M&E Journal 2015 edition to learn about the 4 secure design principles that are essential today, as told by Ian Hamilton, founding member and CTO of Signiant.

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6 Ways File Acceleration Will Save Your Project

Production teams are all too familiar with managing the complexities of video workflows on tight timelines. Any obstacles to transferring large video files quickly throughout the production, post-production and delivery process can lead to disaster for a project.

Need a better way to send large video files in your enterprise? Download this free eGuide on 6 ways file acceleration will save your project and learn how you can control the chaos of handing off large media files.

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Totally Transformed

How Leading Media Businesses Are Accelerating Their File Transfers And Transforming Their Operations

Today, in media, standing still is simply not an option. To compete effectively, you need to be constantly evolving your business. This means finding new ways to innovate, collaborate, and better serve your customers.

Download our new guide to discover how four leading businesses are unlocking new business opportunities by accelerating file transfer.

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Sending and Sharing Large Files: the Benefits of File Acceleration

Businesses that regularly produce large unstructured data sets, such as video assets or high-resolution images, often need to share them with colleagues, clients and contractors around the world. Sending these huge files over IP networks can be very slow and unreliable, a problem that is becoming more widespread with the adoption of public cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Download this white paper from Signiant and read about how acceleration technology addresses the challenge of large file transfer.

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5 Reasons Your Corporate Video Department Needs File Transfer Acceleration

Being responsible for corporate video production within a non-media large enterprise can be hard. The challenges of video are the same as within a media and entertainment company, but the technology infrastructure and business culture are often very different. Download this eGuide to learn how intelligent file acceleration can add security, raise productivity, enhance visibility, reduce chaos and, most importantly, add speed and reliability to standard corporate video production workflows.

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Accelerated Ingest to Cloud Storage

Moving large amounts of data into cloud storage can be surprisingly difficult. One way or another, the data needs to travel over an IP network to reach the cloud – and IP transfers are slow and unreliable over long distances. The solution lies in the form of specialized acceleration technology from Signiant, which is now available as a SaaS offering specifically designed for cloud ingest. Read this eBook and learn how Signiant Flight can overcome IP network bottlenecks and accelerate the transfer of data into and out of Amazon S3 or Azure.

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Media Shuttle’s Security White Paper

Leaders in media and entertainment depend on Signiant to move petabytes of high-value digital content every day. Our customers trust us with their intellectual property, delivery timelines, and ultimately their reputation. But mostly they simply want a solution that allows them to focus on their work, without having to track the security of it. Effective security is complicated, however — it must encompass all aspects of product development and daily operations, and requires thoughtful application of both policy and technology.

This white paper provides an overview of the security architecture and service operations of Signiant’s Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS solution.

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Today's Reality

Today’s Reality for Moving Large Content Files

Why Every Media Firm Can (and Should) Use Enterprise-class File Transfer Software

Cloud computing is revolutionizing software for Media & Entertainment, making technology that was once only available with enterprise budgets and multiple data centers accessible to small and mid-sized companies. This recent evolution has had a direct impact on the way companies send and share content around the world. With modern SaaS enabled large file transfer solutions, every media company can afford to participate in the global media marketplace.

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5 ReasonCVR

5 Reasons Fast Video File Transfers are Critical to Your Business

In the media production business, demand for high-resolution video content is growing rapidly while the size of those video files is growing exponentially. Moving large files is becoming increasing difficult, but it doesn’t need to be.

In this eGuide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep up with demands of file size growth;
  • Delight your customers with easy, fast exchange of files;
  • Ensure you hit your deadlines even when it’s the eleventh hour.

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Hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS):

The New Way to Move Media

In the field of media production, media and entertainment organizations have yet to fully realize the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) when it comes to a key element of their day-to-day operations: moving the extremely large video and audio files that are the lifeblood of their business. Opportunities remain, however, for media production professionals and teams to seamlessly implement hybrid SaaS solutions into their operations, and enjoy the benefits of this “best of both worlds” approach: fast, easy, secure file transfers that provide users with command over the process and control of their proprietary data.

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Signiant’s Acceleration Protocol using UDP

Signiant’s acceleration protocol improves on standard IP transfers based in TCP, sending data up to 200 times faster. This white paper discusses the reasons why, including how our acceleration protocol practically eliminates latency and fully utilizes available bandwidth, for efficient and reliable large file transfers even over long distances.

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Signiant Availability and Reliability

Signiant software is known for it’s always on and highly reliable file transfer services. This short white paper covers the ways Signiant ensures such a high level of availability and reliability, including our monitoring notifications and services.

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Signiant’s Manager+Agents Content Security Strategy

Signiant’s Manager+Agents software protects assets from threats posed by individuals, hacker groups and criminal adversaries. This white paper covers both the security services provided by Signiant and the third party validations Signiant employs.

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