Case Studies

Berliner Synchron Chooses Signiant for Fast, Secure, and Managed File Exchanges with Business Partners

Berliner Synchron is a leading specialist in synchronized sound for all production and post production. With more than 60 years of experience, the company is the leading studio in Germany producing German language versions not only for high-budget studio productions but also for independent art house films, as well as for TV movies and series, documentaries and all other formats.

With more than 7,000 productions, Berliner Synchron is widely recognized worldwide. Its network of European dubbing studios enables the company being in a position to offer the dubbing of films and other dubbing projects in all European languages. With its high-quality standards, the company can satisfy its most demanding clients.


  • Inefficient dubbing processes
  • Distributing foreign language versions of films to the worldwide market
  • Post-production workflows are not automated
  • Connecting distributors with customers as well as subcontractors
  • Film exchange with clients is not fast enough
  • Current system does not promote growing the infrastructure
  • Severe delays as a result of shipping physical film


  • Berliner Synchron use Signiant to create secure and managed connections with its clients over the company’s WAN.
  • Berliner Synchron plans to expand its Signiant deployment to automate all post-production workflows and connect with distributor customers as well as subcontractors


  • Berliner Synchron has complete control over their transaction
  • Signiant offers tools so that Berliner Synchron can monitor, track, and report transactions.
  • New efficiencies are brought to Berliner Synchron’s dubbing process
  • Signiant’s WAN-accelerated distribution allows worldwide market delivery
  • Berliner Synchron’s workflows are shortened and there is a reduced risk of delays in shipping physical film

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