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Digital Domain Saves Time and Optimizes Production Workflows with Signiant

Founded in 1999, Digital Domain is the creator of Dimensionalization, a patented technology that converts 2D motion pictures into 3D. Dimensionalized® 3D movies look extremely realistic, often better than if they had been originally photographed in 3D. Through this patented process, each and every frame is altered for complete 3D realism, believability, and to ensure that the 3D scenes play well together.

Like other post production facilities, In-Three must transfer a high volume of digital media files from storage servers to editors’ workstations and back again multiple times throughout the editing and post production process. However, the process is even more demanding for In-Three than it is for facilities dealing with traditional or HD content, given its work with cutting-edge 3D technologies which create very large digital media files.

To meet the company’s high throughput requirements, streamline the file transfer process, and increase editing productivity, Digital Domain chose Signiant’s file movement software. The solution’s central management functionality enables Digital Domain’s production staff to speed delivery of content while monitoring the multi-step process of creating 3D content from 2D original material.

Prior to implementing Signiant, Digital Domain was manually transferring each file individually from a shared storage server to each production workstation. This created lag time which slowed the overall production process and caused inefficiencies in editing. With Signiant, the company now has more control over network bandwidth and can prioritize the delivery of each file to ensure efficiency and faster delivery.

With Signiant, Digital Domain now experiences efficient real-time transfers of large 3D media files. Also, Signiant’s central management system allows Digital Domain to intelligently allocate bandwidth to streamline workflows and optimize the company’s asset management system, which is an integral part of its patented process.


  • Time-sensitive production workflows to create 3D films
  • Large number of bandwidth-intensive 3D media files
  • Inefficient manual transfer of files from shared database to individual workstations


  • Signiant software accelerates and secures transfer of digital media files


  • Efficient real-time transfer of 3D media files
  • Centralized management allows for automated file transfers
  • Increased efficiency in 3D film production
  • Optimized existing asset management system

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