Case Studies

Lifetime Networks Moves HD and SD Content Cross Country with Signiant

Lifetime Networks is a diverse, multi-media company committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming. The network splits its production responsibilities between its file-based program and distribution facility in New York and its new post-production facility nearly 3,000 miles away in Century City, California. As such, Lifetime was looking for a system that could quickly and securely move its digital media assets between the two facilities and easily integrate with its Avid editing tools. In addition, the network was looking to implement a central management system to schedule and track file transfers.

Lifetime evaluated several hardware and software solutions before deciding to implement Signiant’s Content Distribution Management (CDM) software. Lifetime now uses Signiant CDM to move bandwidth-intensive HD and SD content across its wide area network (WAN) to streamline and manage transfers of source material to LA and deliver finished promo content to the On-Air operation in NY. Signiant’s ability to smartly allocate bandwidth and assign priority to time-sensitive files has been a major asset in the network’s bi-coastal production strategy. Signiant’s software platform integrates easily with the network’s Avid editing system to help streamline the process, save valuable time, and meet tight deadlines. The system virtualizes the production workflow in order to make bi-costal editing facilities seem like they are right next door.

Using Signiant, Lifetime transfers its video content considerably faster than it could using traditional distribution of physical tapes and at a significantly lower cost than real-time video circuits. Lifetime estimates that it transfers dozens of promos a day and more than 100 promos a week using Signiant. The company expects that number to grow and plans to transfer over 100 gigabytes per day in the near future, which will result in even more dramatic cost and time savings.


  • Time-sensitive production split between East and West coast production facilities, a distance of nearly 3,000 miles
  • Bandwidth intensive HD and SD content
  • No centrally managed system for transferring content


  • Signiant file movement software accelerates, automates, and secures file transfer


  • Efficient real-time transfer of HD and SD content
  • Reduced post-production time and costs
  • Ability to streamline and manage file transfers
  • Easy integration with Avid post production tools

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