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London-Based Global Broadcaster Creates a New Pathway for High-Speed, Large File Delivery

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Syndicating Content to Global Partners is Now Easier than Ever

When FTP and consumer-grade options for moving content were no longer viable, one leading global broadcaster with a well-known portfolio of channel brands, found Signiant’s Media Shuttle makes file sharing desktop simple, yet enterprise ready.

The Challenge

This broadcaster operates in 77 countries, available in over 60 million homes, in 15 languages, and centers its business on fast, efficient delivery of content from the US to other geographies, where programs must be edited, dubbed and subtitled anew for regional rebroadcast, then sent to regional play-out center partners.

Delivering the entire US catalog of programming content across the world via the corporate network is no small undertaking—nor is the daily workload of sending numerous large files of between 2 GB to 12 GB each to colleagues and partners. These files are far too large to email, and exceed the file size limits of most consumer-grade file sharing services. With so much content to prepare and play out, the team has little time for hassles with files not arriving, files only partially arriving, or files taking too long to get ready for air. By late 2012, it was clear that the company needed to move away from consumer-grade file sharing solutions because they were proving to be unreliable and the file size limitations were inhibiting their ability to get the job done.

How They Did It

The operations group chartered a pilot program using Media Shuttle from Signiant. Within 2 days they achieved startling performance improvements—300 Mbps delivery speeds direct to the desktop when serving large groups of simultaneous users—and end users found it so easy to use—that it quickly finalized the decision to deploy Media Shuttle organization-wide.

“Media Shuttle was easy to set up without IT intervention, even easier to use, and lets us leverage both the public and private cloud.”

The global broadcaster now maintains several custom branded Media Shuttle Workgroup portals—which, in an early 2013 project, created a new path for content to be transferred from suppliers in New York to London quickly. “We can quickly get setup and start receiving content within minutes without the need to schedule certificate exchange and testing around our busy schedules.” For instance, they were transferring 70GB files between partners in just over an hour. Media Shuttle allows their IT team to retain control over where the content is stored—on private networks or in the cloud—and control over how network resources should be allocated for maximum enterprise-wide efficiency.

The Results

The broadcaster and its team of global producers are routinely sending lots of massive size files, with speed and agility and without disruptions to others on the networks.

  • Downloading three full-resolution, 43-minute episodes of a US-produced show whose audio was being remixed for international broadcast, took place using Signiant’s Media Shuttle in a fraction of the time. A transfer like that wouldn’t have been possible with a consumer-grade file sharing solution because of the 12 GB file size or would have been interrupted mid-transfer, wasting time. The pristine quality of the delivered file assured that audio could be frame-locked for accurate synchronization of sound and picture—a tricky task to accomplish remotely.
  • Transferring a 2-hour program from London to South Africa—a 42 GB file—in just 25 minutes.

The sound consultant working on a project called Media Shuttle “the only option that lets me get into fifth gear—the other consumer file sharing solutions feel like driving in London’s rush hour porridge.”

Media Shuttle is the only solution that can easily move the largest, high-value digital assets with enterprise-class security, acceleration and storage control. Media Shuttle offers the flexibility of customizable portals that can be branded and quickly configured in one of three modes—Send, Share or Submit—to support the needs of any project, team or enterprise in a single, multi-purpose solution.

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