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NBC News Chooses Signiant for File Transfers to Support Coverage of Royal Wedding

Signiant’s file transfer product family provides a managed platform for any organization to securely and seamlessly exchange digital media assets internally, as well as business partners outside the enterprise. For the royal wedding coverage, editors were able to create preliminary cuts of raw footage in London using Avid Media Composer, and then activate the Signiant-ATM transfer from within the Avid software. In New York, editors were able to directly access the footage in minutes, and then perform final editing to cut the video into breaking news or nightly features on the wedding.

With the Signiant-ATM integration, NBC News was able to move the video up to 200 times faster than more traditional methods that rely on FTP connections and often experience a long backlog of transfers waiting to occur. Also, the solution enabled editors in both locations to directly manage the file transfers, rather than having to rely on a transfer manager to handle an FTP transaction.


  • Important footage, need to reduce queuing of content
  • Need to bring content to the air as quickly as possible
  • Require best-in-breed tools for moving and accessing the video as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Using FTP connections, experience long backlog of transfers, and not able to directly manage file transfer
  • Transferring footage from NBC London to headquarters in New York
  • Requires speed and flexibility of coverage


  • NBC News chose Signiant’s file transfer integrated with Avid Transfer Manager to facilitate accelerated transfer of large video files in support of the Network’s timely coverage of the Royal Wedding.


  • Signiant plug-in for ATM NBC placed the power in the hands of its editors for person to person collaboration on file transfer
  • Signiant’s integration with Avid Media Composers Avid Transfer Manager enable fast and secure transfers of footage from NBC London to headquarters in New York
  • Reduced delays and ensured timely use of video and news program
  • Editors were able to directly access the footage in minutes and then perform final editing with Signiant ATM integration, NBC was able to move the video 200 times faster than traditional methods.

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