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SDI Media Saves Time and Money with Signiant’s Intelligent File Movement Software

SDI Media is the world’s leading provider of subtitling and language dubbing services for the entertainment industry across all distribution channels and formats including DVD, broadcast, VOD, theatrical, interactive games and the internet. With major operations in Europe, Asia, and North America, SDI needs to move a large amount of video footage on a daily basis. Prior to implementing Signiant, SDI Media was shipping physical tapes around the world, which was a costly and time consuming process.

After identifying the need to rework its business model and replace physical distribution with a digital solution, SDI evaluated a number of technologies and chose to implement Signiant’s Content Distribution Management (CDM) software. With Signiant, SDI can manage and control its internal workflow and the external distribution of digital media to its customers, nearly eliminating the need to ship physical tapes around the world. Even tape-based clients are serviced faster and more efficiently as physical assets can be received at the nearest SDI office and converted to digital files for distribution.

By eliminating the physical movement of tapes and other assets around the world, SDI has saved a significant amount of time and money, allowing it to offer customers a superior service at a lower cost.

In contrast to some of the solutions SDI considered, which utilize costly private networks, Signiant’s cutting-edge digital file-based traffic management transfer system enables the company to use the public Internet to quickly and securely move media between companies. As a result, SDI is able to reach clients anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection.
Given its broad industry reach, SDI sought a solution that was widely accepted by the media and entertainment industry. With Signiant, the company felt secure knowing that many of the worlds leading broadcasters and studios entrust their digital media management to Signiant.


  • Control increasing costs associated with shipping physical tapes
  • Accelerate a production process often challenged by delays in shipping


  • Signiant file movement software accelerates, automates and secures file transfers


  • Digital media files are secured and centrally managed for worldwide distribution
  • Physical tapes and physical distribution are greatly reduced, saving time and money
  • Cost savings are passed along to customers, giving SDI a competitive advantage

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