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Data Sheets

Flight Data Sheet

The fastest way to move large files into and out of the cloud.

Today, most enterprises are connected to the cloud, or they are looking at ways to harness the cloud’s advanced compute and storage offerings. However, for many of them, moving big data into and out of cloud services in a fast, reliable and secure manner is an ongoing challenge.

Download this data sheet and learn how Signiant Flight is helping organizations around the globe solve this problem.

Learn about:

  • Flight’s key benefits like speed, reliability, security, and visibility,
  • How it works: Cloud-native implementation, scale out architecture, and UDP acceleration,
  • Flight’s system architecture,
  • and simplicity of deployment.


“We wanted to know how we could move our data faster. Of course, we are constantly looking for the best way to improve the good, fast, cheap thing, and of all the choices out there, Signiant was the best one for us.”

Darren Frankel, President, Stargate Studios

We appreciate your interest in Signiant! Please click on the button below to access the Data Sheet.