Manager+Agents – Product White Paper

Manager+Agents is used by most of the world’s top media companies to move petabytes of data every day throughout their global content supply chains. Learn about Manager+Agents, the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out, automated transfer of large files between geographically distributed locations, in our new product whitepaper covering:

  • Manager+Agents technology and system architecture,
  • Why it has the lowest TCO at scale of any solution in its class,
  • Signiant’s proprietary acceleration technology,
  • Storage flexibility including on-premises, cloud object and local object storage,
  • Defense-in-Depth security,
  • Network configuration and resource management,
  • Managing, monitoring and reporting from a central console,
  • Creating jobs including pre-configured and custom workflows,
  • Common Manager+Agents Use Cases,
  • APIs and Third-Party Integrations.

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Because of our global footprint, we’re always looking for ways to get programs around the world faster. For fast file transfer, Signiant was the logical choice.

Josh Derby, VP of Technology Development & Strategy for Discovery Communications


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