The Cloud: Revolutionizing the Media Business From Above

It’s the new normal for broadcasting. Larger file formats, bigger data sizes and higher-resolution images are here to stay. And that has pushed the industry to search for reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective ways to efficiently and securely send, process and store those large files — and to do so in a way that enhances workflows, rather than stymies them.

This eBook, produced in partnership with NewBay Media, details how major broadcasters and other media companies have begun to move segments of their core operations into the cloud. This revolution is allowing media companies to take advantage of the scalability, global availability and inherent robustness of this emerging technology.

Through videos and articles, learn how innovative SaaS solutions can help media companies take advantage of the cloud, including a timely tutorial on cloud-washed versus cloud-native software, and read how Discovery Communications moved to embrace the cloud across its entire organization.

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