Faster, Safer, Cloudier: 3 Critical Questions in Choosing the Right Accelerated File Transfer Technology

There are two fundamental IT realities in media today: Files are getting bigger. Deadlines are getting tighter.

The result is that media businesses need to rethink how they move their most valuable data from place to place—whether from studio to distributor, production house to client, or datacenter to cloud.

The answer is file acceleration.

Download our new book to discover the key questions you’ll need to answer to ensure you get the right file acceleration solution for your business. You’ll learn:

  • Why there can be no compromise on security for your most valuable intellectual property
  • What the exponential growth in file sizes and business velocity mean for your file acceleration solution
  • How the right file acceleration technology can help you get greater value from cloud computing

And that’s just the start. Get your copy now.

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“Your file transfer acceleration solution must be designed to scale with volume sizes from now into the next decade (Legacy FTP and consumer file sharing systems need not apply).”


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