More Innovation with Manager + Agents: 4 New Capabilities

Manager + Agents is the gold standard for automated system-to-system file movement at scale. It is used today by the world’s top media companies to exchange content and metadata files with other systems and applications regardless of geographic location or file size by automating processes or defining schedules. M+A delivers fast, reliable and secure movement of files up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and TCP with 95+% network efficiency.

New Capabilities:

  • Expanded integration with Media Shuttle for automating system-to-person workflows
  • Enhanced integration with Flight for automating the movement of files into the cloud at multiple Gbps
  • Furthering our mission of storage independence, M+A now supports local object storage
  • Growing file support enables the transfer of files while they are still being written to storage

Gregory Burns, Workflow Specialist, Arqiva

“Broadcasters, Signiant clears a wide-open traffic lane on a crowded freeway. You look out on the traffic jam and think you could never get to where you need to go on time, and then, with Signiant, suddenly you can.”


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