5 Reasons Video Production Teams Need Fast File Transfer Software

The art of video production has evolved in so many ways in a relatively short amount of time. One direct result has been the growing demand for higher quality video, which means larger video files. Whether your team is working their way through the production process or ready to distribute final video content, they need a reliable way to send and share video content. Finding the right solution is more important than you think.

Listen in as Katie Staveley, VP of Marketing for Signiant, discusses the top 5 reasons your video production team needs fast file transfer software.

During the recording you will learn :

  • Why speed matters
  • How you can intrigue your customers
  • Who’s already benefiting
  • View the recording today to find out how the right file transfer solution can have a significant impact on your business.

Darren Frankel, President, Stargate Studios

“We wanted to know how we could move our data faster. Of course, we are constantly looking for the best way to improve the good, fast, cheap thing, and of all the choices out there, Signiant was the best one for us.”


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