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Sending and Sharing Large Files: The Benefits of File Acceleration

Moving large files around has long been a problem for the Media & Entertainment industry.

Not anymore. In today’s data-centric, deadline-driven and interconnected world, transferring large files, such as video, fast, over distance, is a core business need for almost any Media and Entertainment company.

Read “Sending and Sharing Large Files: the Benefits of File Acceleration,” to learn how Signiant solved the problems of latency, bandwidth utilization and IP network bottlenecks for sending large files fast over distance.

And discover the industry-leading Signiant SaaS solutions for accelerating large file transfers between people, or into cloud object storage.

Andrew Turner, VFX Production Manager, VFX Legion

“Being a remote facility we have to be on top of the security game. To use a product that we know other major players in the industry use… is usually the best solution for us.”


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