Media Shuttle Service Partners

Our Media Shuttle service partners leverage the power and flexibility of Signiant software to offer a wide range of services for the media industry. The “Powered By Signiant” logo ensures that these services offer the industry’s most advanced technology for secure, accelerated file transport.


The Sohonet Media Network is the largest and most established private, high-performance network for the media industry connecting the leading studios, production and post-production facilities across the globe. Sohonet provides site-wide connectivity for the world’s leading film and television studios, such as Pinewood Studios, Leavesden Studios, Shepperton Studios, 3 Mills Studios, Lantana Studios Complex (Los Angeles), Fox Studios, NBCUniversal and Warner Roadshow Studios (Brisbane).

A feature of the powerful Sohonet Hub customer portal, Sohonet FileRunner provides users with secure, accelerated media transfer capabilities based on Signiant Media Shuttle. Other offerings include storage and render offerings, graphs and metrics on bandwidth usage and performance, and access to Sohonet’s 24/7 support ticketing system.