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Addressing requirements for fast turnaround, HD production quality and the desire to reduce physical media distribution and associated labor costs, League networks and sports broadcasters worldwide rely on Signiant to address their file-based media movement needs.

From the Olympics to the World Cup, Signiant’s software has been integral to the accelerated delivery of game footage from the field for playout to air. As a result, today more replay clips and highlights can be aired during programming than ever before.

Moving HD Content in Minutes

In the case of one sports broadcaster, footage from each game is uploaded to a secure, shared, digital storage folder, where it is made available for review and editing. These clips and associated metadata files are then sent across a high-speed, Wide Area Network (WAN) spanning thousands of miles for playout in a matter of minutes. Moving HD content from coast-to-coast or around the world in an accelerated and secure fashion makes working within tight deadlines possible.

Creating New Revenue Streams

Utilizing automated point-to-point transfers or highly efficient, file-based production workflows, sports organizations have been able to further capitalize on their ability to deliver multi-platform footage files and edited programming for mobile, Web and pay TV applications to generate new revenue streams.

Signiant also serves the needs of broadcasters required to provide content to rights holders or sporting bodies, where FTP-style solutions can be impractical.

“The benefits that Signiant offers made the choice pretty easy. First the solution vastly reduces the amount of content delivered via tape, thus saving us significant time and money by reducing manual processing, and streamlining the entire process. It also provides a homogenous platform for all inbound and outbound electronic content transactions.”Premier Media Group

Using Signiant’s file movement solutions, we are seeing real-time transfer of HD which has resulted in a reduction in post-production time and cost, while increasing the quality of NFL Replay and other NFL Network produced programming. Not only are we moving our game footage where it needs to go quickly and securely with Signiant, we’ve also increased our productivity levels and freed up employee time to do other tasks which is helping our entire business to run more efficiently.” NFL Network

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