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Media and entertainment companies are embracing intelligent file movement as a way to facilitate the exchange of file-based content with their production partners and contractors across the globe. And, when it comes to the requirements for security around highly valuable media assets, these firms rely on Signiant for file movement.

Signiant’s software lets film and television studio production teams to create completely automated provisioning workflows that are executed based on business rules, reducing their reliance on the proprietary skills needed to run complex operations.


  • Review and approve theatrical or episodic digital dailies/rushes
  • Transfer of intermediaries for feature post production
  • File movement related to collaborative creative processes, such as distributed editing, foreign market localization, special effects, game and market materials development.
  • Distribution of final-form television content to geographically dispersed media operations centers.
  • Distribution of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for theatrical releases.

“We decided that digital media distribution management is not something we could piece together from parts of other technologies. Thanks to Signiant’s unique open and integrated technology, we were able to rapidly deploy a solution that fits seamlessly with our existing infrastructure to enhance, automate and extend our every day operations. No other solution offered the same ease of use combined with such extensive functionality.”NBC Universal

“The breadth and scale of Nordisk Film’s activities means that managing our collaborations with clients and partners consumes a lot of our time and resources. Finding a way to make these collaborations more efficient and secure has been a big advantage for us. Many of the international partners we work with are already users of Signiant technology, so the decision to create our Signiant-based ecosystem in Scandinavia makes good sense in regional terms.”Nordisk Film

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