accelerated file transfer

As technology advances, we’ll find ways to make file types that offer comparatively the same quality in smaller file sizes. However, we’ll also find ways to make file types that offer more but are larger, ensuring that software for accelerated file transfer will also need to keep up since we’ll need to send larger files and bigger data sets in less time.

Signiant has optimized accelerated file transfer and bandwidth management over more than a decade of technological innovation. We focus specifically on the needs of the media and entertainment industry, who traditionally handle larger files than any other industry. In order to move giant media files multiple times a day, our software handles the principles of latency and loss compensation reliably. We optimize performance by detecting available network capacity and congestion, and our network usage won’t affect other network activity.

With accelerated file transfer, Signiant can help you:

  • Transfer to and from geographically-diverse locations
  • Resolve problems associated to packet loss
  • Maximize line speed
  • Save time and money

If you switch to accelerated file transfer, all associated business can speed up. You can get content into all of the right hands quicker and focus on production and revenue. With Signiant, you never have to sacrifice quality in order to move more quantity. We can handle extreme file sizes with top notch security.

Media Shuttle and Managers+Agents offer different options for file management and accelerated file transfer. The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival have standardized using Media Shuttle for their digital film submission and distribution. We’ve helped them meet their acceleration needs, letting filmmakers from across the globe submit complex and quality content easily and quickly. Check out how Banff and other companies use Signiant for accelerated file transfer in the following articles.

Oscars 2017: Good Luck to Our Customers!

While file movement software isn’t the most glamorous, many of our customers in the media & entertainment industry are using it to accomplish some pretty incredible things. As the Oscars approach, we wanted to recognize some of the companies using our technology to help make it all happen.

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Super Bowl, Sports and Signiant

Whether you’re a huge football fan or more into the half-time show, commercials, and wings, it’s safe to say you probably watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. After such an exciting win, what better time to talk about the many major sports organizations, broadcasters and production companies who rely on Signiant’s file transfer technology?

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New Cars and Faster Horses

No matter how much money companies have invested in pieced-together solutions to enhance it, FTP is becoming more and more outdated, difficult to update, and expensive to support – and businesses are realizing it’s time to move on.

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The Waiting Game

It’s happened to all of us. Waiting a long time in anticipation… and not getting what you asked for. CloudSpeX is Signiant’s answer to the file-format waiting game.

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Speeding is Believing

After all you’ve read about our solutions, maybe the one thing you’re still wondering about is just how fast are Signiant file transfers, really?

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 2: The Signiant Product Portfolio

Get all the answers and learn the ins and outs of Signiant’s complete accelerated file transfer portfolio in part two of our Signiant Executives Explain video series.

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Intercontinental Content at Scale

A majority of Turner International’s content is produced in the U.S. and edited before making its way to viewers around the world. To get it there, they needed a transportation system that fit the complexity of a global network, and they found one in Media Shuttle and Flight.

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Escape Storage Lock-In For Your Accelerated File Transfers

Over the past year, a new trend has been booming in the entertainment world. And though it’s gained a foothold in Amsterdam, I doubt we’ll see it anywhere in the exhibit halls at IBC.

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Get Your Fix of Fast Transfers

In the accelerated file transfer world, it’s likely we’ve witnessed this phenomenon more than most technologies. Because for file transfer, the “old way” goes back 45 years to the creation of FTP.

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#TBT: Media Shuttle “Saved the Debut” of White God at Cannes 2014

With the kickoff of Cannes 2016, we couldn’t help but be reminded of one of our favorite customer stories from Cannes 2014, when Post Office Films saved the debut of what became the award-winning film, White God.

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M+A Growing File Support: Start moving large video files as soon as you press record

Manager+Agents’ Growing File Support is especially helpful in any live event production, but will shorten the timeline whenever you need to send large files.

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IP at IBC: How Signiant solves the IP problem

There’s been a lot of discussion around IP (internet protocol) technology at this year’s IBC conference. Here’s a little more detail on how Signiant solves the IP problem for large file video transfers.

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