accelerated file transfer

As technology advances, we’ll find ways to make file types that offer comparatively the same quality in smaller file sizes. However, we’ll also find ways to make file types that offer more but are larger, ensuring that software for accelerated file transfer will also need to keep up since we’ll need to send larger files and bigger data sets in less time.

Signiant has optimized accelerated file transfer and bandwidth management over more than a decade of technological innovation. We focus specifically on the needs of the media and entertainment industry, who traditionally handle larger files than any other industry. In order to move giant media files multiple times a day, our software handles the principles of latency and loss compensation reliably. We optimize performance by detecting available network capacity and congestion, and our network usage won’t affect other network activity.

With accelerated file transfer, Signiant can help you:

  • Transfer to and from geographically-diverse locations
  • Resolve problems associated to packet loss
  • Maximize line speed
  • Save time and money

If you switch to accelerated file transfer, all associated business can speed up. You can get content into all of the right hands quicker and focus on production and revenue. With Signiant, you never have to sacrifice quality in order to move more quantity. We can handle extreme file sizes with top notch security.

Media Shuttle and Managers+Agents offer different options for file management and accelerated file transfer. The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival have standardized using Media Shuttle for their digital film submission and distribution. We’ve helped them meet their acceleration needs, letting filmmakers from across the globe submit complex and quality content easily and quickly. Check out how Banff and other companies use Signiant for accelerated file transfer in the following articles.

Case Study: Signiant Provides Game-changing File Transfer Technology to _wige GROUP

Signiant announced that German production company _wige GROUP has expanded its use of Signiant’s technology to quickly move sports content to customers and partners worldwide. By using Media Shuttle, _wige GROUP was able to improve their customers’ experience and allow them to receive content much faster. As a result, _wige GROUP can incorporate that content into broadcast schedules during the same week, and quickly compile highlights of recent sporting events.

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Signiant Extends SaaS Leadership Position With Cloud Deployment Option for Media Shuttle

Signiant announced a new cloud deployment option for Media Shuttle, the industry’s first SaaS solution for accelerated file transfer. Media Shuttle allows end users to easily send and share large files while providing the customer’s IT organization with control over where the data is stored. The new cloud deployment option continues Signiant’s commitment to storage independence, allowing Media Shuttle customers to utilize on-premises storage for some asset classes and cloud storage for others.

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Signiant Flight is Now Microsoft Azure Certified and Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Signiant announced that Signiant Flight has been validated for compatibility with Microsoft Azure as an Azure Certified solution and can now be purchased via the Azure Marketplace. As one of the first SaaS offerings in the Developer Services category, Flight gives Azure customers easy access to a scalable solution for fast uploads into Azure blob storage.

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Harbor Picture Company Upgrades to Signiant Media Shuttle to Support Expanding Global Production Business

Signiant announced that premiere New York-based production and post production firm Harbor Picture Company has adopted Media Shuttle to move large media files quickly, easily and securely between its worldwide customers and partners. Harbor, whose credits include acclaimed television shows and films such as “Game of Thrones,” “St. Vincent,” “Into the Woods,” “Pawn Sacrifice,” “Marco Polo,” and “A Most Violent Year,” uses Signiant for many of its critical file transfers.

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Signiant Technology Enables Global Post Production at Modern VideoFilm

Signiant and Modern VideoFilm, one of L.A.’s top independent post production facilities, today provided new insight into the worldwide file-based workflows that underpin the creation of award-winning feature films and hit television shows. Post production companies of all sizes rely on Signiant’s file transfer software to move their large digital assets quickly and securely between teams distributed around the world, and Modern’s latest work takes the scale and reach of distributed finishing to new levels.

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Signiant Sees Increased Large-Scale Adoption of Media Shuttle, Announces New Enterprise Features

Since its release in 2012, Media Shuttle has been adopted by companies of all sizes and has become the de facto standard across the global media supply chain. Signiant reports that the number of customers has more than doubled for the third consecutive year. New features of Media Shuttle include Auto Delivery, Metadata and Single Sign-On.

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The Super Bowl and File Acceleration, Seriously?

Ok, so I’m an opportunist but I have to give a shout out to our New England Patriots, the XLIX Super Bowl Champions. BOOM go the Pats! Just for fun, I wanted to share an analogy between the Super Bowl victory and Accelerated File Transfer. Why? Because I’m a huge fan of both the Patriots (being a New England native) and handling the challenges of big data movement over the Internet, and hope that there are few others out there.

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How NFL Films Moves Big Data

For over fifty years, NFL Flims has taught Americans how to watch football. As Steve Sabol, artist and longtime President of NFL films, used to say, “Good storytelling never goes out of style.” Yet the way NFL Films tells their story and how it travels from game day to television broadcast has changed dramatically over the years. A recent behind-the-scenes video reveals just how much large file transfer technology has improved the process.

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What is “cloud washed” software?

Almost every B2B software company on the market today has its own version of the “cloud mantra,” explaining how the cloud is transforming business, how it’s creating new opportunities for global reach and collaboration, and how their software is cutting edge. But marketing is one thing, and the actual technology is another. Not all companies mean the same thing when they use the term “cloud.”

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Make Everyone a Reporter: The rise of user-generated media content

Media companies are well aware how mobile computing has changed the end user experience. Consumers are now comfortable capturing and sending all types of content on their mobile devices, and have even become vital news sources for on-the-ground reporting. Signiant recently released a free mobile app for Media Shuttle to help media firms benefit from the trend of mobile media capture.

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The Sky is the limit: Signiant Flight’s high-speed bridge offers new opportunities for files in the cloud

The question of how best to utilize the advantages of the cloud was the catalyst for our newest software product, Signiant Flight. Just released yesterday, Flight offers the ability to quickly and securely transfer large files and unstructured data sets to and from multiple cloud storage platforms.

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Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Picks Signiant Media Shuttle File Sharing Solution for Accelerated Delivery of Full-Length HD Film Submissions

The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, which celebrates the world’s best mountain and adventure themed films and books, has standardized on Signiant’s Media Shuttle file sharing solution for digital film submission and distribution at its annual festival and world tour. Requiring fast, reliable delivery of massive HD files with security, acceleration and tracking, the Festival selected Media Shuttle to easily upload, download and transfer large files from a shared file system, providing significant time and cost savings for festival organizers and contributors.

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