fast file transfer

More businesses are transferring large files over long distances today than ever before. Despite file transfer being a common practice, not all files move at the same speed. Many details impact file transfer including the size of the file, the end-point locations, the path, the devices, firewalls, network systems, and encryption.

Up until recent technology innovations, transferring large files over a high bandwidth network would take a long time with major security risks. Traditional web and file transfer protocols (FTP) frequently slowed down file movement due to latency and loss compensation.

We’re changing that. Signiant is a leader in cutting edge file transfer technology that makes file transfers fast. Using Signiant’s acceleration protocol makes your delivery times up to 200X faster than previous FTP solutions with 95% higher network efficiency. Our UDP acceleration protocol compensates for network latency and loss in IP networks.

Media Shuttle ensures fast file transfer to save your company time, money and stress. How do we make fast file transfer?

  • Unparalleled capabilities for bandwidth management
  • Predictable transfer times
  • Network overload prevention

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Double Thanks! Signiant’s brand new solution, Jet, won two awards at NAB 2019

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who see Jet’s great potential. The brand new SaaS solution won two “best product” awards at NAB 2019.

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Welcome to the Signiant L.A. team, Leslie

We are super excited to welcome Leslie Hathaway to our Signiant LA team as Director of Customer Solutions.

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Signiant’s SDCX Fabric Powers the Multi-cloud Future of Media

Signiant announced new capabilities and impressive adoption metrics for the innovative cloud-native SaaS platform that is driving the company’s growth. Widely embraced as an integral part of the shift toward hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure, the Signiant SaaS platform continues to evolve and grow.

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Signiant Introduces Patent-Pending Intelligent Transport

New Architecture Leverages Machine Learning to Adapt to Network Conditions in Real-time. The technology determines the fastest way to get data through the network utilizing a patent-pending mechanism that leverages machine learning to make decisions on the fly.

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The Death of Scripted FTP

Most FTP systems operating in businesses today include numerous scripts to enable basic business functions, such as automation, notifications and storage.

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Introducing Signiant Jet! A new SaaS solution for SMBs to automate system-to-system files transfers

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Signiant Jet, a brand-new SaaS solution for SMBs to automate, high-speed transfers of large data sets between locations around the globe.

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New release of Manager+Agents: Update to v13.5

This release improves key areas of Manager+Agents, making performance more reliable, APIs more robust, and keeping security up to date.

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Ever sent the wrong file to someone? Here’s how to take it back

Media Shuttle allows you to revoke any file that has not already been downloaded by the recipient. Here’s how to access the feature in a send portal.

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Today’s global media industry is increasingly inclusive

Media companies of all sizes, located all over the world, are getting a chance to participate. Learn how recent developments in IP and cloud tech are driving the change.

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2018: The Year Media Shuttle Hit Hypergrowth

Media Shuttle was adopted by more people in 2018 than the previous five years combined. Why the sudden growth? We think it has two main causes.

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Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 6: Applications Outside Media & Entertainment

While specific details of the use cases outlined in this series are unique to M&E, there are parallels in other data-intensive industries like satellite imagery, and life and earth sciences.

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Kevin Scott joins Signiant to help lead our next era, going beyond file transfer

Signiant’s new CBDO, Kevin Scott discusses the historical and emerging technologies, services and trends that have shaped the media industry.

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