File-Based Workflows

A workflow is a sequence of connected steps that depict every aspect of an operation. Media workflows include everything from ingest of files to live playback. Efficient workflows increase productivity and decrease errors.

File-based workflows are workflows involving digital media contained in files. Creating carefully considered file-based workflows can take a lot of time, but it is definitely worth it. When working with files, you can have more management flexibility, better security, and faster production times. You can also have multiple users collaborating on their assigned tasks at the same time with file-based workflows.

Signiant understands the importance of file-based workflows, and we offer a number of innovative media industry workflow solutions developed by our Professional Services team. We have worked on workflows for broadcasters, playout centers, and broadcast post-production facilities, as well as file-based workflows for a number of global media companies.

You can make an appointment to talk with one of our experts about how Signiant can help you streamline file movement workflows.

Signiant also offers file-based workflow modules that help you build and store several workflows that Manager+Agents will use to execute file transfers. In order to make the most of your file-based workflows, users need to be able to control and access all of their stored assets.Signiant Manager+Agents is an enterprise software solution for automated delivery of large files across geographically dispersed locations with advanced control, acceleration, and security features.

Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that allows media professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. Consolidate and track all your file workflows while gaining speed, security and control in an elegant, easy to use, cloud-based solution.

Signiant has the innovative file transfer solutions you need to help you build better file-based workflows. Check out the articles below to learn more about how Signiant has helped companies with file-based workflows and workflow solutions.

  • Signiant Expands Media Exchange for Digital Content Sharing Between Media and Entertainment Organizations of All Sizes

    “With the new direct-to-the-desktop delivery, we are able to automate the receipt of content updates arriving from multiple content partners, all in one application. This is combined with the reliable, fast and secure delivery we have come to count on as a Signiant user.”
  • Broadcast Dialogue | File-based Workflows for the Digital Age

    Though not explicitly identified, it is worthy to note that all their “workflows” are not the same. Overall, the challenges were similar, however their priorities varied depending on their businesses.
  • Post Magazine | How Content Supply Chain Management will Shape Post

    The trends shaping the post operation of today and tomorrow are all about globalization, decentralization, and collaboration. Whereas most post functions such as editing, dubbing, and special effects were once tape-based and handled in-house by monolithic post companies, today’s digital workflows have enabled many functions to be outsourced to freelancers, mom-and-pop shops, and smaller specialty groups.
  • AETN UK Steps into the Future With Signiant File-Based Workflow

    “We are keen to embrace new technologies that enable us to streamline our operations. While the Signiant solution is exactly what we need now, it is also adaptable and scaleable so that it can grow and develop alongside our business, and it also allows us to make VOD business models viable.”
  • Signiant and Point.360 Provide Seamless Digital Media Supply Chain Solution to Media and Entertainment Companies Worldwide

    “Point.360’s relationship with Signiant has allowed us to offer even greater services in the rapidly expanding field of file delivery. Signiant has given us a level of efficiency and security that has increased our ability to meet customers’ worldwide file delivery requirements.”
  • Signiant Helps Discovery Communications with Worldwide Distribution of Digital Files in Real Time

    Signiant interfaces with Discovery’s extensive library to make its assets viewable worldwide across the entire company and to outside partners. This massive deployment for the DMC supports eight thousand users, with an estimated 250 of them on the site concurrently uploading and downloading files at any given time.