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Signiant offers innovative large file transfer software solutions for Media & Entertainment and other data-intensive industries. Transfer files up to 200 times faster than ftp with far more network efficiency.

Whether you need simple SaaS file transfer software or an enterprise-wide solution, our product suite offers the most secure platforms for fast file transfer and management at scale, and many companies are utilizing our entire software suite as they adopt cloud-based services.

Media Shuttle is Signiant’s hybrid SaaS solution that allows media professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. If you need the easiest file transfer software available, Media Shuttle lets you send any file of any size using a simple interface.  You just drag and drop the file, then click the transfer button.

If you need a powerful and sophisticated enterprise software solution for automated delivery of large files across geographically dispersed locations, Manager+Agents is designed to enable highly efficient workflows. Manager software lets you administrate, control, and report all system activity through a web-based interface. Agents is the perfect compliment. Installed on remote servers, Agents software controls file movement and interoperability with third-party software and systems. Within Agents, file movement works from Agent to Agent.  Manager+Agents offers both file transfer customizability and power.

One of the biggest challenges of cloud storage has been getting large files and data sets into and out of the cloud quickly. SkyDrop is the only SaaS solution on the market for accelerated transfers into and out of object storage. When speed of delivery to the cloud is critical for hitting deadlines and managing costs – like with time-sensitive workflows, large scale ingest, and near real-time analytics – SkyDrop is essential. Automatically maintained and updated for you, SkyDrop is easy to deploy, scales as needed, and works with Amazon S3 and other leading cloud platforms. Try a free, no-obligation trial of SkyDrop today.

All Signiant solutions are easy to use, reliable, and fast. Read more about our file transfer software in the articles below.

Encompass UK Selects Signiant File Movement Software to Support Growth of European Network Playout Facility

“As their clients’ channel portfolios grow, Encompass is ready to help them meet the challenge of ever-decreasing timeframes for getting new services to air. By investing considerable consultative time with our client base, we are able to gain a deep understanding of their workflow challenges to deliver secure, high-performance file transfer automation solutions that integrate seamlessly into the digital media supply chains.”

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Baseball Lineups are Like Product Portfolios

Product portfolios are like baseball lineups. They need to play together to address multiple needs of your customers. You can’t win with a starting pitcher only because great teams have a set-up man and a closer as well. They need to be tuned for the correct spot in the lineup so as to leave no gaps.

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Signiant and Dalet Digital Media Systems Announce Technology Partnership

“The Dalet/Signiant technology partnership is a definite win-win for our customers, making multi-site collaboration and access to content seamless, whether it is through a centralized content catalog or multiple independent databases that are communicating together.”

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Signiant and Boxer Systems Partner to Deliver Secure File-based Media Transfer Solutions to UK Broadcast and Post-Production Markets

Experts in broadcast and post-production equipment and systems integration, UK-based Boxer Systems provides a range of file-based workflow solutions for ingest and transcoding, asset management, media storage, editing, graphics, audio/video conversion and playout.

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Leading Digital Services Provider JCA Adopts Signiant

“Our business depends on systems that allow us to connect seamlessly with our clients and transfer large, high-value media assets as quickly as possible, in order to maintain tight delivery schedules. We adopted Signiant at the request of several of our clients, as it offers the flexibility and managed security we need.”

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Margaret Craig Joins Signiant as CEO

Craig’s background includes executive roles in various parts of the media industry, including both product companies and managed services businesses. She recently served as COO of Network Services for Ascent Media Group, which provided media management, content distribution, and 24/7 on-air broadcast services to media companies.

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Signiant to Demonstrate Media Exchange Solution at Akamai Edge 2011

“Our partnership goes back to the 2008 Beijing Games, one of the most ambitious media projects in history, in which Signiant was able to deliver thousands of media assets to Akamai in a fully automated workflow throughout the event. Since then Signiant has been used to deliver millions of assets via Akamai NetStorage, serving some of the world’s largest CDN users.”

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Loft London Chooses Signiant to Accelerate Digital File Exchanges With High-Profile Media Clients

“All of our clients have transmission service level agreements that make it imperative for them to receive their content on time. With Signiant, we have complete visibility into the entire transaction, and the system generates a delivery confirmation receipt that ensures that the media has arrived at its destination in good working condition.”

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IBE | Protecting Media Assets in the Digital Age

Through B2B content peering, CSCM systems overcome these challenges by automating manual security steps, and by providing a common model for companies to link to and exchange content freely with their business partners. As exemplified by the Signiant CSCM solution, peering is based on the placement of trusted software agents that can be installed in all layers of the network, on both sides of the B2B content exchange.

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Signiant Launches New Modules for Content Supply Chain Management

Within a single solution, Media Gateway offers a highly flexible and seamless method for linking personal file transfers from Media Exchange with automated file exchange processes from the Media Agents without requiring professional services or custom scripts.

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Signiant is Honored for Engineering Excellence by Hollywood Post Alliance

The HPA awards were created to showcase and reward inventors, manufacturers, vendors and companies for outstanding product or technology application offerings that advance the post-production industry.

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In-Three Selects Signiant to Improve Workflow and Digital Asset Management of 3D Film Creation

To meet the company’s high throughput requirements, streamline the file transfer process, and increase editing productivity, In-Three chose Signiant. The solution’s central management functionality enables In-Three’s production staff to speed delivery of content while monitoring the multi-step process of creating 3D content from 2D original material.

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