FTP alternative

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a standard Internet protocol built on a client-server architecture that uses TCP (transfer control protocol). FTP/TCP have been around since the 70s. FTP can be used with a simple command line interface or an industry tier product with a more advanced user interface. However, the core technology behind FTP has stayed the same since its introduction.

A major criticism of FTP solutions is their technological limitations that create risks and inefficiencies that worsen overtime. Addressing the technological limitations of FTP can cost businesses an extraordinary amount of time and money. As the scale of file transfers continues to grow with larger data moving over longer distances, FTP solutions will eventually become too difficult to sustain. Signiant offers a fast and reliable FTP alternative that will save your business time and money.

Security issues remain the one of biggest problem for businesses when it comes to FTP. FTP cannot encrypt traffic and is readable to anyone who performs a packet capture on the network making it vulnerable to growing cyberattacks.

Signiant’s software stands out as the best FTP alternative. Media Shuttle offers the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to send any size file wherever you want. Signiant can help you resolve any of the difficulties you have faced with large file transfers.

Read through the following articles to understand why Signiant offers the best FTP alternative.

What if Everything was 200X Faster?

Making large files move faster, up to 200 times faster than standard methods like FTP, is what we at Signiant are all about, We think you might agree what a world it would be if we could make a few other things go 200 times faster too.

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Silence is Golden when Implementing New Technology

Evaluating and purchasing new technology solutions can sometimes be a daunting task. Then rolling it out to users and getting them to actually adopt it may be the biggest challenge of all. They say no news is good news, and to our surprise so did our Media Shuttle customers.

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Simplicity in sending media helps support Atlanta’s surge in production

An influx of wildly popular episodic television productions such as The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries has invaded the state of Georgia. As a result, Atlanta-based creative post-production house Crawford Media Services has found its client base surging

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Lost in Transit

Signed, sealed, and… In the 90s, as director of production at a commercial post house, I felt a vague sense of dread whenever a project wrapped up and we shipped our “baby” – the final production – out to the different TV stations that were going to air it. Then sometimes, the worst would happen and the masterpiece we had just labored over for a month had gone missing.

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New case study on the Guardian’s use of Signiant technology

We were happy to have the chance to interview the Guardian’s Head of Applications, Matt Whiting, about their use of Signiant technology.

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The Massive Data Challenge of Virtual Reality

Because VR requires multiple camera angles on the same shot, data off the cameras are astronomical already. But that’s not the whole picture.

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The NFL draft is happening! How we help teams send large video files

Yesterday marked the start of this year’s NFL Draft, and many of the teams involved are using our technology to send large video files for broadcasting on stations around the country.

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Shooting Star Wars VII in the Abu Dhabi Desert: The local production team that made it happen

Abrams and crew needed a local and extensive production infrastructure, and twofour54 Film & TV Services was there to pick up the opportunity.

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File Transfer Horror Stories (SlideShare)

Many companies experience horrors trying to move large video files during production and distribution. From Frankenstein FTPs to Bandwidth Boogeymen, scroll through the many villains lurking in the dark corners of media file transfers.

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From FTP to SaaS: The changing economics of large file sharing (SlideShare)

Media & Entertainment has been a pioneering industry in the practice of sending large files over the Internet. Early file transfer software like FTP solved part of the problem, but had many limitations. More efficient ftp alternatives like hybrid SaaS and cloud-based solutions are being adopted by media and other data-intensive industries for a better experience with large file transfer.

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From FTP to Couriers, the Ad Hoc Reality for Media Companies Today

There are many options available for moving small files over the Internet. However, there are few solutions that can handle the massive files common in the media industry. Sharing these large assets requires a different set of capabilities to ensure speed, security, and control. Many media firms still rely on a mix of ad hock technologies, such as shipping hard drives and using non-secure or outdated file sharing services.

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365 Days of Media Shuttle around the world with no limits

The last year has been crazy and exciting for Signiant with the introduction of Media Shuttle. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.

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