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FTP Alternative

Signiant offers the best FTP alternative for the media and entertainment industry. Technology professionals know that File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has many file transfer performance and security deficiencies, yet there are nearly 13 million active FTP sites, many supporting media operations. 

FTP has a host of challenges for modern file movement. Used since the 1970s, FTP transfers are unencrypted and visible to anyone who can monitor the network’s traffic. Increasingly, rogue actors exploit these unsecured FTP entry points, putting businesses at risk. Further adding to its risk factors, FTP architectural challenges constrict speed, increase latency and deliver unreliable performance. Options like FTPS or SFTP solve some FTP problems, but Signiant offers better alternatives with lower costs and far less hassle.

Signiant software products serve as FTP alternatives, no matter the size or needs of your business. Media Shuttle works well when you need the easiest way to send any size file anywhere. Jet provides more management and automated movement capabilities.

More than 50,000 media and entertainment companies use Signiant software as their FTP alternative.

Compare Your FTP Speed with Signiant

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive. Though we don’t offer options for every city and bandwidth, you can easily get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products. Play around with different file sizes, bandwidth and locations. Note that the larger the file size, the higher the bandwidth and the further the location, the more you will benefit by using Signiant’s file acceleration technology. Of course, real world results may vary depending on your specific network configuration.

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Transitioning from FTP: Why today’s B2B solutions are SaaS

There was nothing “user friendly” about the early Internet. By today’s standards — where most people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load — the early Internet moved at a glacial pace. And, it was so technically esoteric, few people aside from computer experts and scientists understood how to use it. FTP, the Internet’s basic protocol for transferring files between systems, was invented in 1971 with its base specifications standardized during the 1980s. Even though FTP is still used today, its speed and user experience betray its legacy protocol status.

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From FTP to SaaS: The changing economics of large file sharing (SlideShare)

Media & Entertainment has been a pioneering industry in the practice of sending large files over the Internet. Early file transfer software like FTP solved part of the problem, but had many limitations. More efficient ftp alternatives like hybrid SaaS and cloud-based solutions are being adopted by media and other data-intensive industries for a better experience with large file transfer.

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From FTP to Couriers, the Ad Hoc Reality for Media Companies Today

There are many options available for moving small files over the Internet. However, there are few solutions that can handle the massive files common in the media industry. Sharing these large assets requires a different set of capabilities to ensure speed, security, and control. Many media firms still rely on a mix of ad hock technologies, such as shipping hard drives and using non-secure or outdated file sharing services.

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Why media companies (and everyone else) are reconsidering FTP

FTP is still used by the large majority of media professionals as a foundation technology for custom built applications to transfer large files. At one time, this 40+ year-old technology had its place. Now it’s slow, outdated, and very difficult to update and support. This SlideShare covers traditional uses for FTP and introduces Media Shuttle: a hybrid SaaS large file movement solution.

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365 Days of Media Shuttle around the world with no limits

The last year has been crazy and exciting for Signiant with the introduction of Media Shuttle. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.

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TVNewsCheck | Hearst Goes To The Cloud For Ad Delivery

For the past several months, all 29 Hearst stations have used a cloud-based advertising spot delivery system powered by Signiant’s Managers+Agents platform. Currently, the station group is using the new system for national ads, with a plan to do a local ad rollout throughout the summer.

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Groupe Média TFO Selects Signiant Software to Accelerate Distribution of Large Media Files to Cable Providers and Business Units

Groupe Média TFO, the largest producer and distributor of French-language educational and cultural media content in Canada, has standardized on Signiant software to move and exchange large files securely among cable partners, business units across Ontario and global production and distribution organizations. Whether used for in-house production, co-production or content acquisition, Signiant solutions streamline TFO’s broadcast workflow processes and optimize internal bandwidth utilization for increased productivity and cost savings.

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Five Reasons to Say Goodbye to FTP

Do you wait hours for your large files to be shared with colleagues and clients? Have you ever struggled to use an FTP client? Do you worry about what has happened to your files after sending them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are that you’ve had to deal with an outdated FTP system. Here are five good reasons to say goodbye to our outdated FTP system.

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Qvest Media to Represent Signiant Solutions in the Middle East

Qvest Media focuses on the distribution of high-end broadcasting and media solutions of renowned international and German manufacturers and specializes in on-site systems integration. As one of the leading systems integrators, they are also able provide their customers with the most sophisticated solutions for workflow automation. The company was named as “System Integrator of the Year 2012” by a top-class jury at CABSAT 2012. Qvest Media’s customers in the region include leading broadcast, media and telco organizations, such as Al Jazeera, Dubai Media Incorporated, Al Rayan TV, Etisalat, twofour54 and Eqtisadia TV.

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It’s 2:00 am. Do you know where your files are?

The consumerization of IT has resulted in the proliferation of unmanaged, non-IT issued devices used to access and share corporate digital assets. We are all now 3+ device owning, information hungry, data consumers and sharers. And cloud storage redux (Dropbox et al. is arguably cloud storage 2.0 with companies such Storage Networks having pioneered the first phase in the 90’s) is making it amazingly easy to share files to/from these devices –often, too easy, in fact.

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Media Shuttle Comes to the Rescue of Animated Superhero TV Show

“With Media Shuttle, we have the ease of use and flexibility of a cloud-based solution, but files arrive directly on a server sitting on our premises, which cuts delivery time in half compared to other products on the market,” said George Rizkallah, founder and CEO of The Product Factory, which positions itself as ‘a small facility with huge ability.’ “As a subscription-based solution, Media Shuttle also lets us avoid multi-year contracts and sizable capital outlays. After working for years with animation customers that routinely send us large digital files using Signiant’s solutions, it’s a delight to be able to access all of the key capabilities of Signiant in an affordable, easy to use tool like Media Shuttle.”

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