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What’s New in Jet?

Over the past few months, the Signiant team has been working on additional time-saving features to help you get up and running with Jet and get even more out of our newest, award-winning SaaS product.

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Congratulations to our customers: 2018 Oscar winners for The Shape of Water and more

We wanted to congratulate our customers who worked on 2018 Oscar winning films. Thank you for your unending commitment to making great films that entertain us, educate us, sometime disturb us, and always expand our minds.

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A New Era of 3D Data Management

Using drones for 3D renderings has opened up new possibilities to not only see our world recreated, but to explore and understand it in new ways. Paul Tice, CEO of ToPa 3D, discusses the challenges of 3D data management in his thorough review of Media Shuttle, Signiant’s SaaS solution for high speed large file transfers.

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8K, Multi-Device, On-Demand, Everywhere: Margaret Craig on the Changing Media Landscape

The Record — a Microsoft-supported technology publication — recently invited Signiant CEO Margaret Craig to provide insight on changes and challenges the industry is facing, and what the future will likely hold.

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Good Things Come in Threes

Dave North, our Director of DevOps, walks through all three of Media Shuttle’s user interfaces and shows how everyone on the team can get a tailored view that’s made explicitly for the jobs they need to get done.

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Silence is Golden when Implementing New Technology

Evaluating and purchasing new technology solutions can sometimes be a daunting task. Then rolling it out to users and getting them to actually adopt it may be the biggest challenge of all. They say no news is good news, and to our surprise so did our Media Shuttle customers.

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