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The size of media files continues to grow rapidly, and more and more businesses need to regularly handle large file transfer between employees, contractors and partners.

Transferring large files using standard internet protocols like FTP and TCP is slow, prone to failure and generally not secure. Typically, the risks of transferring large files over these protocols are amplified with longer distances. Simply making the bandwidth larger doesn’t result in faster large file transfers because protocols like TCP and FTP still contend with latency when large files move over long distances.

A more advanced file acceleration technology, such as Signiant’s large file transfer technology, minimizes the impact of latency and network congestion. Large files transferred with Signiant’s technology, will move at faster speeds – no matter the distance. Learn more about the latest solution in large file transfer.

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Broadcast Engineering | Signiant Helps ESPN Deliver Files for World Cup Production »

"It's not signal strength that will be the biggest problem, but speed of light traveling such a large distance," Kidd said. "FTP and other forms of file transfers tend to break down after so many miles, so you have to use a file acceleration technology to overcome any latency issues."

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Signiant Helps Deliver On-Demand Video for NBC’s Online Coverage of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games »

The Winter Games were available online for on demand video viewing at There were 14 different workflows behind the scenes that Signiant's software managed to ensure that the viewer experience was seamless as the games were streamed from Akamai's Content Distribution Network.

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Signiant Highlights Benefits of Automated Media File Movement with Akamai »

"Signiant's partnership with Akamai provides customers with a more efficient, scalable and automated way of uploading content, regardless of its location or file size. As demand increases for more content in multiple formats and versions, the Signiant solution gives customers greater control over distribution."

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PBS Selects Signiant Software to Manage and Distribute Its Award-Winning Programming »

"With Signiant, we have a solution that saves us time and provides peace of mind that all of the digital and video files we are distributing - for editing, broadcast or archiving - have reached the desired location safely and fully intact. Additionally, Signiant's support staff has exceeded our expectations."

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Signiant Powers Current TV’s Viewer Submissions Worldwide »

"At a typical news network, it would generally take days to send tapes via regular mail, or several hours sending files at regular network speeds. Once the content is received, editors would then spend more time reviewing and editing news footage for use on the air. With Signiant, Current is able to trim this time exponentially to ensure our viewers get up to the minute information."

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