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Signiant is the market leader in file transfer software for the media and entertainment industry. We specialize in moving large media files across the global quickly and securely, and our extreme file sharing solutions are particularly well suited for the demanding pace and needs of the industry. Our newest media file transfer product called Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that's easy to use, fast, and can send any size file.

Signiant is a member of a number of media associations including the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA), the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). We've also been recognized as a media technology leader for our work with media file transfer and workflow automation. In 2009, Signiant received a Hollywood Post Alliance Award for Engineering Excellence for our Content Distribution Management (CDM) software. More recently, Signiant was named among the winners of IBC’s coveted Innovation Awards in support of NBC Universal’s MICAH multi-format, digital media production workflow project. We were also the recipient of one of the industry’s most prestigious technology honors, NewBay Media’s Best of Show Award, presented at the 2014 NAB Show by TV Technology magazine.

Some of the world’s largest broadcasters, studios, and media companies use Signiant for their media file transfer, content management, and workflow automation needs. ABC, NBC, ESPN, BBC and Fox Sports are all Signiant clients, and our software has been used extensively in Olympic Game coverage. Look through any of the following articles to learn more about media file delivery, or try sending a file with Media Shuttle.

Beyond Entertainment: Enterprise Big Data Modeling with Virtual Reality

The business applications of Virtual Reality deserve a lot more attention, especially from large corporations with Big Data initiatives.

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Oscars 2016: Good luck to our customers!

While we are sorely disappointed at the lack of racial diversity among the nominees for individual awards, we are happy to congratulate our customers who worked on many of the films up for an Academy Award Oscar this year.

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How Much Bigger is 8K?

As image resolution increases from 2K to 4K to 8K, each jump in pixel rate actually squares incrementally. That means that while 4K = 8 megapixels, 8K = 32 megapixels. And this also translates to exponentially bigger video files.

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Every Company Is Becoming a Media Company

From marketing, sales and customer support to employee on-boarding and safety training, video is quickly becoming the choice medium for business communications. Some companies work with professional production agencies. But others are building internal media teams that look very much like small production houses.

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Utilizing the Cloud: Margaret Craig’s predictions for 2016

This time of year, our CEO Margaret Craig is often asked to peer through time and space and offer some advice to businesses for the coming year. The importance of strategically utilizing cloud technology for moving data into and out the cloud was the theme of her 2016 predictions.

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Transfer Files with the Signiant App

Today we deployed an update to Media Shuttle allowing all users to transfer files using Chrome and Edge with the Signiant App. Users visiting any Shuttle portal using the Chrome or Edge browser will now be automatically prompted to download the Signiant App to transfer files.

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Dare to Impress with a Customized Portal

Some might consider the ability to customize a portal to be an insignificant feature – cool, but it doesn’t really matter. It may be my marketing bias, but I would argue it’s one of the most important features.

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ESPN’s Latest Tech Upgrade: Video Streaming vs. Media File Transfer in Sports Video Production

ESPN has long relied on Signiant technology to support their media file transfer needs. As a company that provides just one aspect of ESPN’s vast production facilities, we’re always curious to see how they’re advancing in other areas as well.

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Enterprise file transfer for everyone

Traditionally, enterprise-grade large file transfer software was necessarily complex. In order to achieve efficient file movement, enterprises managed an expanse of IT infrastructure and the software designed to work with it. But it was worth it. For industries like Media & Entertainment — that make their living off very large media content files — sending data of any amount, anywhere within their network, with reliable security and central management, was and is a vital business function. However, it’s a different world for smaller businesses that can’t afford multiple data centers, even if…

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Coughlin Associates Report predicts grande future for M&E

Peering into the future for five years, the new Coughlin Associates report on Digital Storage for Media & Entertainment includes survey data taken between 2009 and 2014 to make its projections. The report covers minute details about file size growth, storage capacities and revenue. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a subset of the Coughlin predictions written about in Forbes a few days ago that are most relevant to digital media file transfer.

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Citizen journalism and the new technology of accountability

Last year, Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis gave a moving TED talk on the rise of citizen journalism, explaining the power of people around the world recording their environment and telling their own story. Lewis’s talk seems all the more appropriate today with so much activism happening against a backdrop of civil unrest. “Citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world,” says Lewis. Through two powerful examples of murder and cover-up exposed via citizen journalism, Lewis explains both best practices and the transformative role citizen journalism is playing in 21st century news gathering.

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Signiant Launches Flight: A Hybrid SaaS Solution to Accelerate Movement of Large Data Sets Into and Out of Cloud Storage

Signiant today announced a significant extension of the company’s cloud portfolio with the introduction of Signiant SkyDrop – the first and only commercially available hybrid SaaS solution that accelerates the movement of big data and professional media files into and out of cloud storage. Unlike other acceleration offerings, Signiant SkyDrop is a genuine cloud-formed solution that leverages managed cloud infrastructure, in contrast to software that customers must deploy and manage.

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