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Flexible Metadata Collection with Media Shuttle

Signiant’s Media Shuttle is often used to move assets from one lifecycle step to the next ⎯⎯ so it makes sense to append metadata capture to this familiar tool. In the latest installment of our Metadata Everywhere series, Signiant explores the challenges of collecting metadata from people and how Media Shuttle’s metadata collection functionality makes it easier.

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Welcome to the Signiant L.A. team, Leslie

We are super excited to welcome Leslie Hathaway to our Signiant LA team as Director of Customer Solutions.

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IT Challenges in the Wake of a Media Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are at or near an all-time high in the Media industry. Industry experts discussed the challenges at the 2019 HPA Tech Retreat.

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CloudSpeX ensures the content you receive through Media Shuttle is in the correct format

Before a transfer even begins, CloudSpeX will do a pre-validation check on the file based on industry-defined format requirements or custom criteria that you decide.

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Three Ways Media Shuttle’s Auto Delivery Streamlines Large-Scale File Transfers

Auto Delivery allows unattended file delivery through a native application running on your computer. It removes the need to check for new content and adds the ability to configure folders for automatic upload or download.

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Women’s World Cup 2015: Testing ground for the next generation of television

Japanese Company NHK has been developing 8K since 1995, including everything from cameras and mics to broadcast systems and receivers. The Women’s World Cup in Canada is one of its first large-scale testing grounds. NHK plans to continue the experiment at next year’s Super Bowl and Summer Olympics in preparation for full broadcast of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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4 Media Shuttle features, specially designed for the enterprise

Enterprises need to manage file transfers at a larger scale than smaller companies, and we’ve been working to create special features in Media Shuttle to help them out. We’re happy to announce four new features that comprise Media Shuttle’s new enterprise package. Here are the basics.

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