SaaS (or, software-as-a-service) is a software delivery model, in which the software and its associated data are hosted remotely – in the cloud. SaaS solutions enable user access through a web browser client – promoting collaboration between remote locations, and allowing more immediate customization.

The flexibility and accessibility of SaaS solutions also enables Agile software development, and can help reduce the cost of IT maintenance and support.

At Signiant, we’ve embraced cloud-formed software design, developing the first SaaS large file transfer solutions, Media Shuttle and Flight, for the secure, accelerated movement of large digital assets. Our SaaS solutions offer the flexibility you need – allowing users to choose between on-premise or cloud data storage, within one reliable, scalable, affordable solution.

Read more about SaaS below and explore Signiant’s premiere SaaS solutions.

Media and Tech Take the Stage at SXSW »

By Jim Ball | Mar 2, 2016

The festival promises another exciting year of panels and presentations by industry leaders, and live music by bands from all over the world.


Flight’s two unique SaaS elements »

Signiant Flight was built using a unique, patented Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) architecture that incorporates two distinct cloud-native SaaS elements.


Four Stages of Development: Improving Upload Speeds to the Cloud »

Signiant Flight evolved in parallel with the maturing of cloud technology.


Be Empowered by Predictability »

We recently spoke to a number of customers about their experience making the transition to Media Shuttle. One response echoed by each of the customers was how Media Shuttle’s predictability made the biggest difference to their business.


The TCO and Pricing Model of Signiant Flight »

For the business process owner concerned with budgets and expenditures, Signiant Flight offers unique advantages.