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Some companies only need to transfer small data documents daily, but there are certain industries that need to transfer big files. Raw video files from long shoots can easily be a terabyte. On dial-up modems, this would have taken years. We’ve come pretty far since the days of dial-up, but moving that big of a file still takes a stable, fast network and a smart file movement process.

If you need to transfer big files regularly, then Signiant’s Managers+Agents offer excellent management capabilities. You can manage and track content movement with guaranteed certified delivery and use file-based workflow modeling and administration to better orchestrate and automate time-consuming tasks. Managers+Agents are flexibile, powerful and reliable—perfect for transferring big files again and again.

Signiant’s newest product for big file transfer, Media Shuttle offers the easiest way to send your big files anywhere. You just drag and drop the file into a custom web page and click transfer. The interface is intuitive, and your big files transfer quickly. The best part of Media Shuttle is that there are no file size limits. You can transfer 10 Gigabyte files, 100 GigaByte files, and even TeraByte size files! Media Shuttle keeps you from worrying about compressing files, breaking them into smaller files, or loading them onto hard disks.

Signiant specifically focuses on extreme file sharing solutions. We want to move big files fast, effortlessly, and securely. We can help you create an advanced automated workflow and transfer big files anywhere at any time. Trust your content with the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment. We optimize existing enterprise network infrastructure and provide secure digital media exchanges. Read more about how Signiant has helped companies transfer big files in the following articles.

Top 10 Reasons to Try Media Shuttle »

Our new subscription-based fast file transfer software is here! And, we're offering up a free 14-day trial of Media Shuttle so you can see just how incredible it is. Read about the ‘Top 10 Reasons’ to try it today.

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Signiant Signs Gencom Technology to Resell Market-Leading File Transfer Solutions in Australia and New Zealand »

Gencom Technology will resell the entire line of Signiant products to film, broadcast and post-production markets in Australia and New Zealand. As one of the region’s leading providers of integrated media technology solutions, Gencom will add Signiant’s secure media file transfer solutions to its extensive portfolio of software and service offerings.

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SDI Media Saves Time and Money with Signiant’s Intelligent File Movement Software »

Given its broad industry reach, SDI sought a solution that was widely accepted by the media and entertainment industry. With Signiant, the company felt secure knowing that many of the world's leading broadcasters and studios entrust their digital media management to Signiant.

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Signiant Helps Deliver On-Demand Video for NBC’s Online Coverage of the Vancouver Games »

NBC chose Signiant software because of its process automation capabilities. After content is successfully delivered, a confirmation of receipt is automatically generated so that the URLs can be published. Because the volume of content was large, automation of workflows, job monitoring and delivery receipts were critical to deliver the Winter Games online successfully.

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Digital Domain Saves Time and Optimizes Production Workflows with Signiant »

Digital Domain chose Signiant's file movement software to meet the company's high throughput requirements, streamline the file transfer process and increase editing productivity, . The solution's central management functionality enables Digital Domain's production staff to speed delivery of content while monitoring the multi-step process of creating 3D content from 2D original material.

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Signiant Helps Deliver On-Demand Video for NBC’s Online Coverage of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games »

The Winter Games were available online for on demand video viewing at There were 14 different workflows behind the scenes that Signiant's software managed to ensure that the viewer experience was seamless as the games were streamed from Akamai's Content Distribution Network.

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NBC Universal Chooses Signiant's Technology to Power its Digital Media Distribution Management Strategy »

“We decided that digital media distribution management is not something we could piece together from parts of other technologies. Thanks to Signiant’s unique open and integrated technology, we were able to rapidly deploy a solution that fits seamlessly with our existing infrastructure to enhance, automate and extend our every day operations."

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