UDP Acceleration

UDP Acceleration for Large File Transfers

The kind of technology Signiant has developed to speed file transfers is often called “UDP acceleration.” But UDP acceleration is really just industry vernacular based on one small detail of the implementation, and doesn’t convey the depth of innovation involved.

What we’ve actually done is implement both an advanced TCP (transmission control protocol) on top of UDP as a replacement for TCP, and advanced FTP (file transfer protocol) as a replacement for FTP… Read more.

Or, try it out for yourself with Media Shuttle.

Below is a selection of blogs addressing accelerated large file transfers.


Why higher bandwidth doesn’t equal faster throughput (or goodput) »

Upgrading your network without acceleration is like going from a country road to a major highway, while driving a moped; you could go super fast if your transport mechanism allowed it.


Investing in more bandwidth? Don’t get charged extra to use it »

We expect to pay Internet providers for bandwidth. However, deploying UDP-based acceleration software is necessary to ensure full utilization of bandwidth, and some acceleration software providers charge based on bandwidth usage.


Why your business needs intelligent large file acceleration technology »

If you’re evaluating file acceleration technologies, for the first time or because you’re considering switching vendors, we’ve put together an eGuide that compiles feedback from our customers in the Media & Entertainment space, highlighting the top 10 reasons why they chose Signiant.


All Accelerated File Transfer Solutions Are Not Created Equal – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It »

We spend a lot of time at Signiant explaining why our person-initiated accelerated file transfer solution – Media Shuttle – is so much better than using TCP-based solutions, such as FTP or online file sending and sharing platforms. But what about all those people who already understand that an accelerated file transfer solution is what they really need or those who have already invested in such a solution, from a vendor other than Signiant, but are finding that it’s not meeting their needs?


Signiant Executives Explain – Part 1: An Overview of Signiant »

We constantly talk with M&E industry professionals to uncover their challenges with extreme file transfers. Now in our “Signiant Executives Explain” video series, you can peek behind the curtain on what goes into our technology platform.