TV Broadcast

Television Broadcast Solutions

Signiant provides an integrated, software-only solution for moving content within the internal and external production workflows of leading television broadcast companies. Signiant helps broadcasters complete transitions to file-based workflows easily and effectively, to maximize the response to time-to-market demands.

Complements Existing Infrastructure

Signiant software is compatible with existing IT infrastructure, media technology and standards, which ensures that your high-value media assets get to the right place securely and efficiently–on time – at lowest total cost of ownership.

From News Gathering to Automated Distribution

Signiant makes it easy for television news organizations to share video news clips across their networks. Local stations can use Media Exchange for field-based news gathering, or upload low-resolution versions of locally captured content to make available to others. When one of these clips is desired by another station, the high-resolution version is sent directly from the source to the requesting station. All of this is centrally managed, secured, automated and accelerated using Managers+Agents.

“We decided that digital media distribution management is not something we could piece together from parts of other technologies. Thanks to Signiant’s unique open and integrated technology, we were able to rapidly deploy a solution that fits seamlessly with our existing infrastructure to enhance, automate and extend our every day operations. No other solution offered the same ease of use combined with such extensive functionality.” NBC Universal

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