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If your business depends on content flow – whether its people sending and sharing large files, automating transfers between systems, partner content exchange or moving content to, from and between cloud storage endpoints – you need Signiant. Sure, there are plenty of ways to move files but here are some of the many reasons more than 50,000 media and entertainment businesses rely on the Signiant Platform:


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Signiant vs. IBM Aspera

Aspera was acquired by IBM more than 10 years ago and let’s face it, this just isn’t IBMs top priority. Customers switch to Signiant for our best-of-breed products, continued innovation, unrivaled customer support and preferred pricing. If you’re still using Aspera, it’s time to switch.

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Signiant Media Shuttle vs. MASV

There are many reasons customers choose Media Shuttle over MASV but the most common reasons we hear are the lack of storage independence. Signiant provides fast, seamless and secure access to media assets on any of your storage. With MASV, files always move to their storage first and then get forwarded. This has both security implications and is why they charge a per GB fee for all transfers. With Signiant and on-prem storage, it’s unlimited.

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Signiant Media Shuttle vs. WeTransfer

WeTransfer simply isn’t an enterprise-grade solution and many large companies insist that you use tools like Signiant. Stop the shadow IT use of WeTransfer and other unsanctioned tools and standardize on Media Shuttle.

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Signiant vs. FileCatalyst

FileCatalyst is now part of Fortra which has acquired a variety of IT products that were not built on a unified platform. FileCatalyst is one of many products that are sold and supported by a team that doesn’t have deep knowledge on any one product. If your business needs to move large, high-value assets with speed, reliability and security, go with the leader that more than 50,000 media and entertainment businesses trust every day.

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Signiant vs. is a great tool for review-and-approve workflows and many companies use both and Signiant. Sure, you can send a file with but it would be highly unusual and very expensive to store all your assets in If your business stores assets in multiple locations and frequently moves content, you will need Signiant.

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Signiant Jet vs. Resilio

Jet is built on the Signiant Platform, the same platform as Media Shuttle. This way, all of your transfers whether person-initiated or automated can be managed from a centralized platform. Jet uses Signiant’s intelligent transport architecture which uses machine learning to adapt to network conditions in real-time and is capable of multi GBps transfer speeds.

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Signiant vs. LucidLink

Signiant and LucidLink offer two very different things. LucidLink is a cloud storage system whereas Signiant connects to any of your storage. If your business keeps assets in multiple storage locations and needs to provide fast, seamless and secure assets to distributed teams and partners, Signiant is the clear choice.

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Move Faster

Proprietary transport technology that moves files up to 100X faster than traditional methods such as FTP

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Rock-Solid Reliability

Lights-out reliability with Checkpoint Restart

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Storage Independence

Works with any storage, but always your storage. Files are never handed over to Signiant. Assets always move directly into and out or your choice of file or object storage

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Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise-grade security that is trusted by Hollywood studios, broadcasters, sports leagues and more


Control & Visibility

Centralized visibility and control across all transfer activity 

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Unrivaled customer support

Our customer support program routinely garners a Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the 90s year after year

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Immediate time-to-value

Thanks to our commitment to cloud-native SaaS, we can have you up and running in hours

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Simple, predictable pricing

When working with on-prem storage, your subscription includes unlimited transfers with no file-size restrictions

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The Signiant Platform builds on the foundation of our world-class fast file movement apps and adds workflow-centric production services that make working with media even more efficient.

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