Over 600 production partners are delivering to the cloud, turning what took days into just hours.

"For fast file transfer into the cloud, Signiant was the logical choice."

Case Study

Snowden Takes Mining Intelligence to the Cloud with Neuroverse

“People want things to be snappy and fast, so that was one of the initial drivers to go and look for high speed uploads, and Signiant was the one that we came to in the end.”

Case Study

Radical Media Achieves Their Goal

"Signiant's service has become a public utility for us. I don’t believe we can operate without it.”

Case Study

Harbor Picture Company Enables Workflows

“Using Media Shuttle allows us to support this next generation of collaborative workflows, and do so at a much more reasonable cost.”

Case Study
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  • 10Net Managed Solutions Employed Signiant's Solution as an Easy and Sleek Method for Ad Agencies to Submit Content to Them

  • 2G Digital Stays on Cutting Edge of Media Fulfillment and Post-Production with Signiant

    Press Release
  • Twentieth Century Fox Overcomes the Challenges Involved in Moving to a Completely File-based World

    Case Study
  • 365 Media TV Station Chooses Signiant's Media Shuttle For it's Ease of Use and Overall Business Value

  • Aardman is an Animation Studio in the U.K., Well-Known For Creating Wallace and Gromit.

  • Aberdeen is a Broadcast Services Company That Provides Closed Captioning Services, Language Services and Voice Overs

  • Academy Museum of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Selected Signiant's Software Because They Needed a Faster Way to Send and Receive Files Between Their New York and California Offices

  • Accord is a Video Production Company Based in Miami, FL Where They Specialize in Production, Post-Production and Digital Services. Accord gave up using FTP and now uses Media Shuttle to move their files between clients and to the cloud

    Case Study
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated is a Multinational Computer Software Company Headquartered in San Jose, CA. They Fofcus Primarily on the Creation of Multimedia and Creativity Software Products

  • A+E Networks Addresses Massive Content File Movement Challenge for End Users and IT

    Press Release
  • AllDigital Selects Signiant for Digital Content Exchange

    Press Release
  • Alvogen Uses Signiant Software to Share Important Product Documentation and Collaborate With Teams Around the Globe

  • Anima Chose Signiant's Media Shuttle as a Reliable Solution For an International Project

  • Apple employs Signiant technology to power parts of Apple iTunes’ content supply chain, including the fastest growing segment of the iTunes Store – video and HD content.

  • The Ark is a Post Production Company With Duplication, Conversion, Encoding and Transcoding, Edit and Audio Dubbing Services. They Value Media Shuttle's Scalability, as They Are in the Process of Growing Their Business

  • Arqiva Ushers In a New File-based Broadcast Playout Workflow Powered by Signiant

    Press Release
  • Arsenal is a Post Production House Who Deployed Media Shuttle to Cut Down File Transfer Times and Provide More Reliability to Their Clients

  • Artech Digital Cinema is the First Service for Digital Cinema in Total Support of Film Distributors and Merchants Throughout Every Stage of the Manufacturing Process, From Digitization of Content to the Delivery of the Copies to the Rooms

  • Arvato Chooses Signiant Technology for New Multi-Site Collaboration Platform and Media Distribution

    Press Release
  • Astral Media Selects Signiant to Transform VOD Delivery Processes

    Press Release
  • Atmedios Found That Because Their Customers Had Limited Bandwidth, Signiant's Media Shutle Was the Most Sensible Solution For Both Their Comany's and Customers Needs

  • Avail-TVN Changes the Game for Digital Media Metadata Management

    Press Release
  • Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Picks Signiant Media Shuttle File Sharing Solution for Accelerated Delivery of Full-Length HD Film Submissions

    Case Study Press Release
  • BBC News Selects Signiant to Accelerate Digital Media Distribution

    Press Release
  • BBDO is Using Signiant Technology to Move Large Files Internally and Externally as Part of the Creative Process

  • Berliner Synchron Chooses Signiant for Fast, Secure, and Managed File Exchanges with Business Partners

    Case Study Press Release
  • Box Brazil is a Television Production Company Based in Sao Paulo Who Appreciates Signiants File Transfer Solutions' Simplicity and Ease of Use

  • Broadmedia Deploys Signiant for Digital Cinema Package Delivery Service in Japan

    Case Study Press Release
  • BT and Signiant to Power Digital Media Workflow

    Press Release
  • BTI Studios is One of The Largest Dubbing and Subtitle Companies in the World, With 16 Office Locations

  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Helped Cablevision Provide Reliability and its Tracking Capabilities Helps Them Avoid Transfer Issues

  • CaptionMax Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle as Part of Their Post Production Workflow Process to Send Files to Clients and Between Offices

  • The Carolina Panthers Found That Signiant's File Transfer Solution Was Easy to Deploy and Allows Them to Get More Exposure to Affiliates They Currently Aren't Working With

  • Carr-Hughes is a New York Based Post Production House Who Uses Media Shuttle to Transfer Files to Clients like Animal Planet, NBC, ESPN, and PBS

  • The CBS Sports Network is a digital cable and satellite television network owned by the CBS Corporation. It is the 24-hour home of CBS Sports, and televises nearly 600 live events and over 3,000 hours of live programming every year

  • Signiant's simple-to-use Media Shuttled Combated Cellebrite's Growing Demand For Uploading Content

  • Building Media-Centric Video Facilities, Channel Five Implements a File-Based Workflow

    Case Study
  • Channel One News Employed Media Shuttle as a Modern Way to Send and Receive Content in a Streamlined Manner

  • Chapman University is a stone’s throw from Hollywood with many of their students taking internships there.

  • Chimney Group is One of the Largest Post-Production Houses in Sweden With 10 Locations That Use Media Shuttle to Send Content Both Internally and Externally

    Case Study
  • Chromavision's Need to Send HD Files Daily From New York to Los Angeles Was Satisfied With Media Shuttle's Speed, Ease of Use, and Reliability

  • CinematixHD is a video production company specializing in creating video that resembles film

  • Cine-O-Matic is a Full Service Post-Production Studio for DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Media That Specializes in Digital Encoding, Custom Design, and Creative Authoring Solutions for a Wide Range of Clients

  • Signiant's File Transfer Software Provides Cinram With a Faster and More Reliable Method to Send, Receive, and Collaborate in Their Internal Groups and External Partners

  • Cisneros Media Overcomes Regional Bandwidth Challenges with Signiant’s Media Shuttle

    Press Release
  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Allows Comcast Sportsnet New England to Send Large Files Quickly to Production Trucks on Site

  • Complex is a multi-media platform that creates and publishes digital content for influential young male consumers. The company is based in New York, NY

  • Signiant Keeps Current TV Viewers …Current

    Case Study
  • Cut + Run Uses Media Shuttle to Facilitate Their Editing and Post Production Work Around the World

  • Dallas Audio Post Helps Clients Sing a New Tune With File Ingest and Delivery Using Signiant’s Media Shuttle Software

    Press Release
  • Deluxe Conquers Film Distribution Deadlines Reliably and Securely with Signiant Media Manager

    Case Study Press Release
  • Di Factory is a Poland-Based Post-Production Company Using Media Shuttle as Part of Their Workflow

  • Signiant's media Shuttle Helped Digital Dimension Improve Their Workflow Efficiency and Catered to Their Growing Digital Needs

  • Digital Domain Saves Time and Optimizes Production Workflows with Signiant

    Case Study
  • Discovery Communications Accelerates File Transfers across its Global Footprint of 100-Plus Networks with Signiant

    Case Study Press Release
  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Allows Dish Nation to Send Large Files to and From Their Different office Locations

  • Signiant Offers DMS a Fast, Cost-Effective Solution That is Easy to Use and Easy to Deploy

  • Director's Cut Production Decided They Needed to Go Digital Sooner Rather Than Later and Employed Signiant as a Solution

  • Signiant Provided the Solution Dpost Needed to Take on a Growing Number of High Volume Digital Transfers

  • EA owns and operates six major gaming studios across North America and Europe, using Signiant’s file movement solutions to support collaborative, multi-site development initiatives

  • Signiant Powers Accelerated News Delivery Workflow Automation System for the European Broadcasting Union

    Press Release
  • Echelon Studios Post Production Has Clients All Around the World, Which Made Media Shuttle the Perfect Choice for Transferring Large Media Files to Their Clients

  • Eclipse is a full service marketing and advertising company specializing in digital advertising and digital development

  • Econet Vision Kwese TV is a part of Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's largest provider of telecommunications services, providing solutions in mobile and fixed wireless telephony, public payphones, Internet access and payment solutions

  • The Dublin based post and VFX company loves that Media Shuttle has no bandwidth restrictions allowing them to work with clients around the world

  • Elite Media Technologies Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle Software to Send Content to Major Clients Like HBO and Showtime

  • Encompass Makes Signiant its Preferred Choice for Extreme File Sharing of Massive Digital Media Files

    Press Release
  • Envy Post Production Selects Signiant Media Shuttle for Rapid Delivery of High Res Long and Short Form Programming

    Case Study Press Release
  • Epic Creative Eliminated Delays in Production by Deploying Signiant's File Transfer Solution

  • EPIX Partners With Signiant to Bring HD Content Workflow Innovation to Marketplace

    Case Study Press Release
  • ESNE is a Catholic television and radio broadcasting company, with programming and radio stations in both Mexico and the US.

  • E! Television Latin America Uses Media Shuttle to Provide Entertainment, Celebrity News, and Gossip Because of its Speed and Ease of Use, as Well as to Control Their Security and Control Over Content

  • Fats Digital is Australia's Largest Distributor of Professional Grade Media and Largest Media Authoring, CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplication and Replication Service Provider. Their Positive Client Feedback From Media Shuttle is What Seals the Deal For Them

  • The Farm Group Chose Signiant's Solution After They Began Acquiring More Projects and Needed a More Sufficient Solution That Was Faster and Easy to Use For Their Clients

  • Films@59 Needed a Simplistic Way to Maximize Their Infrastructure and Stay Relevant in the UK Post Production Industry

  • Fox Telecolombia Chose Media Shuttle to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Decrease Waiting Time Uploading and Transferring Production Content

  • GEE Media Deploys Signiant to Accelerate and Manage the Delivery of Airline Entertainment Programs

  • Genworth Chose Media Shuttle for it's Speed, Scale, and Ease of Use

  • Giant Interactive is a Post Production House With Locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Denver and Were Looking to Continue Expanding Their Company. Media Shuttle's Scalability and Ease of Deployment Suited Their Growing Business

  • Graham Media Group, a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, owns five local television stations, each in a top-50 market and all recognized as news leaders

  • Groupe Média TFO Selects Signiant Software to Accelerate Distribution of Large Media Files to Cable Providers and Business Units

    Press Release
  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Offers The Guardian a User Friendly, Fast, and Reliable File Transfer Solution

    Case Study
  • Harbor Picture Company Upgrades to Signiant Media Shuttle to Support Expanding Global Production Business

    Case Study Press Release
  • Hearst Television Makes Signiant the Centerpiece of Innovative New Solution to Speed Delivery of Local and National Ad Spots to U.S. Station Group

    Case Study Press Release
  • HH Global is a Marketing Firm Specializing in the Outsource Management and Optimization of Their Global Supply Chains. They Chose Media Shuttle as a Fast and Efficient File Transfer Method for Their 33 Office Locations All Around The World

  • A completely tapeless production facility, Hogarth uses Signiant to ingest, manage and distribute its file-based production assets

  • Signiant Offered Hungarian Film Lab an Immediate Solution to Take on a New Project With a High Volume of Digital Transfers

  • As the World's Largest Independent Producer and Distributor of Sports Media, Signiant's Media Shuttle Allows Them to Transfer Files Faster Internationally

  • Interlace Media is a production and sales company that creates video productions for broadcast and industry and serves as a hardware software dealership.

  • International Digital Centre Switched to Media Shuttle Because of it's Ease of Use and Fast Deployment

  • International Rugby Board Chose Signiant's Media Shuttle to Increase Their File Transfer Speeds and Add Value to The Organization

  • Jonesfoto Uses Media Shuttle for the Speed and Improvement of the Companies Professional Reputation With it's Customers

  • Kodak is helping customers around the globe to sustainably grow their own businesses and enjoy their lives

  • Signiant Automates, Moves and Securely Controls Digital Content for the Largest Library in the World

    Press Release
  • Local Hero Post specializes in digital intermediate and feature finishing. They use Media Shuttle for everything from digital dailies to DCPs.

    Case Study
  • Lifetime Networks Moves HD and SD Content Cross Country with Signiant

    Case Study Press Release
  • Lin Media Improved Their File Transfer Efficiency to Their Internal Locations During Their Post Production Process by Utilizing Media Shuttle

  • Loft London Chooses Signiant to Accelerate Digital File Exchanges With High-Profile Media Clients

    Press Release
  • Magenta TV Uses Media Shuttle to Transfer All Their Digital Files Because of it's Speed, Security, and Reliability

  • Magic Chose Signiant to Increase Productivity of Onboarding Content From Clients With Slower Networks

  • Manchester City Football Club is a football club in Manchester, England

  • Marjan TV is a Broadcast and Cable Company Who Employed Media Shuttle Because it Met Their Security and Local Storage Criteria and Reduced Downtime During Production

  • Mayo researchers and associated organizations use Signiant technology to share rich content more reliably and securely than email.

  • Signiant Media Exchange Faciliates Fast, Secure Transfer of Video Assets for Japan’s Mainichi Broadcasting System

    Case Study
  • Signiant Provided Media Cloud With a Solution to Streamline Transfers and Harness Bandwidth Limitations

  • Mediacom Communications Saves About $6K a Year and Increases Efficiency by Using Media Shuttle

  • Mediaset Adopts Signiant as a Key Part of its Digital Media Distribution Strategy

    Press Release
  • Met Film is a Studio, Post Production, and Production Company Who Uses Media Shuttle to Quickly Send Files to and From Outside Clients

  • A global humanitarian organization empowering people to recover from crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good

  • MHZ Networks Uses Signiant's File Transfer Software to Ingest Content From Local and International TV Stations

  • Molinare is One of the Top 5 Post Production Houses in the U.K.

  • Moment Factory found Media Shuttle's ease of use, audit history and powerful acceleration beneficial to their company

  • MTI Film Selects Signiant Media Shuttle for Swift File Delivery of TNT Hit TV Show ‘Dallas’ and More

    Press Release
  • To Eliminate Slow Transfer Times and File Size Limitations, MultiProduction Chose Media Shuttle, Which Also Provided Brand Ability and They Can Take on More Projects and Increase Revenue

  • Muse VFX, a Growing VFX Company in Los Angeles Found Signiant's Media Shuttle to be The most Effective File Transfer Solution

  • NBC News Chooses Signiant for File Transfers to Support Coverage of Royal Wedding

    Case Study
  • NBC Universal Chooses Signiant’s Technology to Power its Digital Media Distribution Management Strategy

    Case Study Press Release
  • NFL Network Moves Gameday Footage Coast-to-Coast With Signiant

    Case Study Press Release
  • Leveraging IP connectivity in the League’s 30 arenas across the U.S. and Canada, the NHL uses Signiant to quickly ingest, manage and control the distribution of game footage and other promotional video between arenas

    Press Release
  • NHNZ is a Television Production Company That Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle as a Fast and Easy-to-Maintain File Transfer Solution

  • Nordisk Film Chooses Signiant to Build Digital File Exchange Ecosystem with Media Clients

    Press Release
  • OMNIMAGO GmbH Selects Signiant Media Shuttle for Accelerated Delivery of Television Series and Feature Films

    Press Release
  • On Demand Group implemented Signiant to manage and accelerate the intelligent movement of media content, such as large video files of movies and television programs, and metadata files internally and directly to customers

    Press Release
  • One+K Production Company Loves Media Shuttle's Ease of Use

  • ORF relies on Signiant to bring new levels of security and efficiency to internal content processes such as transcoding, format conversion and archiving

    Press Release
  • Outloud Audio Works With USA Network, Disney, and DreamWorks, and Found Media Shuttle Increased Their File Transfer Speeds

  • Moving complex images and video from their mining operations and remote locations

  • Parexel uses Signiant software to help collect and distribute data from physicians, labs, and clinical research organizations worldwide.

  • PBS Selects Signiant Software to Manage and Distribute Its Award-Winning Programming »

    Press Release
  • Periscope Post & Audio is a Chicago Based Company That Provides Audio Post Work For Major Studios. Media Shuttle Provided Them With a Stable and Reliable Transfer Method

  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Cut Down Planet 55's Transfer Times by 75% and Gives Their Clients a Great User Experience

  • Media Shuttle Gave Plastic Wax Post Production Much Faster and More Reliable Transfers Oversees and Met Their Clients Security Needs

  • Platform is a Post Production House in London That Provides Offline and Online Gradig and Audio as Well as Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Branding

  • Playground Games is a British Video Game Developer Who Utilizes Media Shuttle Due to it's Ease of Use and Deployment

  • Signiant and Point.360 Provide Seamless Digital Media Supply Chain Solution to Media and Entertainment Companies Worldwide

    Press Release
  • Integrating Media Shuttle into their workflows has greatly improved their process, allowing for faster and easier communication with all 300 of their global partners

    Case Study
  • Prasad Corporation Does Film Restoration, Post Production, and VFX, and Found Media Shuttle to be an Important Step in Providing a Digital Solution For Their Clients

  • Premier Media Group Moves to File-based Delivery with Signiant

    Press Release
  • Protocol Sports Marketing Sends Sports Events All Over the World and Appreciates Media Shuttle's Speed, Checkpoint Restart Ability, and Ease of Use Experience by Their Customers

  • A leading global media studio achieves their longtime goal: seamless digital operations

    Case Study
  • Media Shuttle's Ease of Use and Deployment Provides Value to Reveal 42's Company

  • Signiant's File Transfer Solution Streamlined Reel One Entertainment's Production Process Between Offices

  • Rising Sun Pictures Creates Visual Effects for Feature Film, Television and Transmedia Clients All Around the World

  • To manage the challenge of ingesting, storing and distributing multiple formats, Rogers aggregation processes are 100% digital and employ Signiant to facilitate ingest and distribution of specialty TV, movies, sports and web-exclusive extras from a central location

  • The Rolling Picture Company is a Production and Post-Production Company That Has Upgraded Signiant's File Transfer Software to Adapt to Their Increasing Number of Users

  • Roundabout Entertainment Chooses Signiant Media Exchange for Seamless, Secure File Transfers With Any-Sized Business Partner

    Press Release
  • Media Shuttle Allows Rumblefish to Send Higher Quality Footage and Eliminate Any Obstacles Surrounding Their Post-Production Process

  • SDI Media Saves Time and Money with Signiant’s Intelligent File Movement Software

    Case Study Press Release
  • Australia’s Seven Network Installs Signiant for Secure, High-Speed Transfer of Digital Content with Affiliates and U.S. Distributors

    Press Release
  • Media Shuttle Eliminated Shout Factories Issues With File Size Limitations

  • Sixteen19 is a Post Production House Based in New York, Who Had a Major Part in the Post Production of True Detective, Spiderman, and the Bourne Identity Series

  • SkyVision Uses Media Shuttle to Send Large Scale Packages Fast

  • Australian-Based Snowden Uses Flight to Enable Their Global Mining Industry Customers to Upload Geospatial Data and Block Models From Drilling Operations into Their Innovative Analytics and Visualization Platform, Delivered as a SaaS, and Hosted on Microsoft Azure

    Case Study
  • Sonic Magic Studios Deployed Media Shuttle Because it Met Their Security Needs and Provided a Fast Solution to Transfer Content Digitally

  • Spaghetti TV Chose Signiant to Improve The Speed and Reliability of File Transfers to Their Customers

  • SRG SSR selected to provide the file movement infrastructure for content aggregation and distribution among its French, German and Italian production centers and external partners

    Press Release
  • Stargate Studios Finds Media Shuttle to Be a Secure and Reliable Solution For Quickly Transferring Files to All 7 of Their Office Locations Around the World

  • Studio Emme, an Italian Based Dubbing and Post Production House, Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle to help Facilitate Their Workflow Process With Major Broadcasters and Motion Picture Studios Throughout the Globe

  • Technicolor Network Services uses Signiant to streamline and standardize the movement of large media files in post-production servicing workflows and distribution to broadcast, OTT, and VOD providers for playout

  • TG4 Adopts Signiant Media Sd Hoc File Transfer and Asset Validation

    Press Release
  • Swiss Production Company tpc Leverages Signiant File Transfer Solution to Accelerate Production Workflows

    Press Release
  • Triboro Pictures Uses Signiant's File Transfer Solutions to Transfer Film Content Efficiently

  • Signiant's Software Provided Tristar Products With a Faster, Easier Solution To Transfer Files

  • TVT Provides All Necessary Components to Build Television Channels to its Customers. They Use Signiant's Flight For Post -Production Projects

  • twofour54 used FTP in the past but quickly needed an easier, more reliable way for customers to upload and download files

    Press Release
  • Signiant is Pleased to Count Game Developer Ubisoft as a File Transfer Solution Customer

    Press Release
  • While looking at Media Shuttle they immediately saw value in the speed, reliability, and security in the 3 different modes

  • Urban Studio is a Digital Imaging Studio Who Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle to Remove Latency and Send Content 3 Times Faster

  • Venture 3D Used Signiant’s Media Shuttle to Meet Tight Deadlines with Ease for New “Metallica: Through the Never” 3D Movie Project

    Press Release
  • Burbank-Based Visual Effects Studio, VFX Legion, Uses Media Shuttle as Their Accelerated File Transfer Solution to Connect Their Globally Distributed Artists

    Case Study
  • ViewSat Uses Media Shuttle to Send Content to All the Broadcasters They Work With

  • Visual Impact Solved Their Issues with File Size and Bandwidth Limitations and Providing a Secure Solution For Clients by Utilizing Media Shuttle. They Enjoy the Ease of Use and Different Language Translation Options

  • Virtual Post Found Signiant's Media Shuttle to be an Effective Solution for Quickly Sending Files From Their UK Headquarters to Customers in New Zealand

  • Vubiquity connects content owners and video providers to deliver entertainment to viewers on any screen.

  • Vue Group Uses Signiant's Media Shuttle to Keep Them on the Cutting Edge of New Technology and Come Up With Creative Intuitive Solutions.

  • Post-Production Product Placement: Extreme time pressure calls for extreme file movement

  • Signiant's Media Shuttle Reduced Whitelight's Transfer Times, Allowed Them to Meet Clients Security Standards, and Provided More Reliability

  • Wige Chose to Incoporate Media Shuttle into Their Post Production Process Because of the Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment, and Polished End-User Experience to Promote Their Brand

    Press Release
  • Global Marketing Firm Wunderman Chooses Signiant Media Exchange to Drive Fast, Secure, and Reliable Transfers of Digital Content Assets for Both Ingest and Distribution

    Press Release
  • WWE uses Signiant’s content supply chain management solution to enable the timely and secure exchange of critical video content

    Press Release
  • Signiant Provides Seamless Connection to the Windows Azure Platform

    Press Release
  • Signiant Serves as ZDF's Single Content Transport Method for Journalists, Producers and Other Internal and External Users

    Press Release
  • Zoo Digital Switched to Media Shuttle Because it's Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy, and it's Cost Effective