Powerfully simple unattended content exchange, within and between companies

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Why You Need Jet


Our Fastest Transport Yet

Jet employs our new, patented intelligent transport mechanism capable of multi-Gbps transfer speeds. The transport can move any-size file and data set over any IP network taking full advantage of all available bandwidth.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Jet’s Checkpoint Restart automatically restarts interrupted transfers from the point of failure, resulting in high reliability especially with large data sets.


Enterprise Grade Security

Jet adheres to the information assurance principle of defense-in-depth, incorporating multiple layers of security controls. Signiant was awarded the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ helping make Signiant a preferred choice by the world’s top studios, broadcasters, sports leagues, gaming companies and more.


For Every Sized Company

Jet is built on the same patented hybrid SaaS architecture that underpins Media Shuttle making it easy to deploy and operate. Jet is packaged and priced in a way that works for any size operation.


Storage Independence

With Jet’s patented architecture, you get the benefits of a cloud-native SaaS solution while maintaining complete control over valuable media assets in your own storage. Jet works with on-premises file storage and cloud object storage.

Easy Integration

Jet supports simple hot folder workflows and also offers modern, event-driven APIs making it easy to integrate Jet with other applications.

Replace rsync and FTP Scripts

With Jet, companies can finally retire rsync, FTP scripts and other legacy tools and move to a modern SaaS solution that was designed for large, high value data sets.

Connect With Partners

Companies that regularly exchange data with other companies will benefit from Jet’s simple, secure handshake mechanism where two parties can agree to send and receive files to one another.

Cloud Workflows

Easily automate data transfers to and from your on-premises storage to cloud object storage.

Key Features

Web-Based Administration

Web-Based Administration

With the Jet console, administrators can easily set up transfer jobs and manage transfer jobs securely from an intuitive web interface.

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor all transfers through Jet’s dashboard and job details. File search capabilities allow you to keep track of your valuable media assets and automated alerts will keep you informed.

Hot Folders

Hot Folders

Easily set up hot folder jobs, where any files placed into a folder can trigger an automated transfer to one more locations.

Inter-Company Transfers

Inter-Company Transfers

Jet provides a simple cloud handshake mechanism for two companies to exchange data with one another all managed from Jet’s web interface.

On-Premises Storage

On-Premises Storage

Simply install the Signiant SDCX server software on a Linux or Windows machine and connect any on-premises storage to the Jet cloud service. Once the storage endpoints are enabled in Jet, automated transfer jobs can be set-up from the cloud, but all data moves directly from storage location to storage location.

Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage

With cloud object storage, Signiant manages the SDCX server infrastructure for you in a multi-tentant, auto scaling fashion. Simply provide your AWS bucket information and you can easily automate date movement to and from the cloud.

Powerful APIs

Powerful APIs

Almost anything you can do from the Jet interface, you can also do programmatically via the APIs making it easy to extend Jets powers to add additional logic to jobs or connecting Jet workflows to other systems.