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Ready to work at a company that is a market leader in cloud-native SaaS, has some of the coolest customers in the world and is both profitable and fast growing? Signiant would love to speak with you!

Signiant is one of the fastest growing companies in media technology — with customers that span the media and entertainment industry, including Disney, Ubisoft, the NHL, NFL, NBA, BBC, Viacom and more. Most of the global media supply chain relies on Signiant software with our SaaS platform now connecting more than 50,000 companies that include Hollywood studios, sports teams and leagues, broadcasters, cable operators, streaming platforms, TV station groups, gaming developers as well as smaller post-production houses, VFX, and media distribution companies. Any time you turn on the TV, watch a movie or a sporting event or play a video game, chances are Signiant software played a role in bringing that to life.

Signiant’s robust foundation — built on patented file acceleration technology and innovative use of the cloud that has helped transform the media industry — has made us both profitable and fast-growing. With our SaaS platform now connected to so many companies around the world, we’re poised for a new era of growth that is beyond fast file movement.

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Manager Interview: Shawn McCormick, SVP Engineering

“I was looking for a smaller company where there was razor sharp focus on software delivery, customer satisfaction, and timely decision-making. I found all of this and more in Signiant!”

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Signiant employees dressed in Christmas sweaters and holding gingerbread houses they had made.

Manager Interview: Matt Gaede, VP Sales

“I decided to join Signiant because of the opportunity I saw with the technology and market. At the time I joined, Signiant was just getting into SaaS, but they already had a strong name within Media and Entertainment. It gave us the chance to take advantage of a large portion of the market that the company hadn’t been able to go after before with an innovative new technology.”

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Kathryn Smith

“The people I work with are amazing and extremely talented. I am so impressed on a daily basis how creative and innovative they are.”

Garrett Steele

“Working at Signiant as a full stack cloud developer has met all my expectations. I’ve had the opportunity to work on our product web applications using some of the newest frameworks, backing event driven microservice architecture, investigated and integrated new tools and services for our products to leverage, and on premise transfer control software with installers on Windows and Linux. Wow.”

Kevin Haggerty

“Signiant has been the best place I’ve ever worked. It’s a combination of the work that we do, and the people that I get to work with on a daily basis, plus the general atmosphere around the office.”

Signiant Co-Op Program

Signiant’s Co-op program is unlike many other organizations. We don’t have “special projects” for our co-ops – they work as full team members in the groups that they join, and are given increasingly complex assignments as their skills develop. You’ll do everything from participating in architectural reviews, designing and coding solutions, automating unit testing, designing monitoring solutions, and working with our SRE (Dev Ops) team to put your software into production. As part of the Signiant Software Development organization, you’ll learn:

Software Development Techniques

The latest agile software development techniques to deliver Software-as-a-Service in the cloud.

Full Stack or Core Technologies

Either full stack technologies like Node.js, React, and MaterialUI, or core technologies like Golang, C++, and TCP/UDP networking.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP.

Current Tools

Current automation, deployment, and monitoring tools.

Agile Reporting

Agile reporting with daily scrums, scrum of scrums, and iteration demos (you’ll participate in all of these!)