Technology Overview

Signiant’s advanced transport technology is trusted by more than 50,000 companies for their mission-critical file transfers.

Our software ensures fast, secure movement of large data sets over any IP network, in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, with comprehensive control and visibility at any scale. We provide foundational technology that enables content exchange within and between companies of all sizes to connect the global media supply chain. The unique hybrid architecture of Signiant’s Software-Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform provides people and systems with access to media assets located across disparate and distributed storage repositories ⎯ and lays the groundwork for innovations that extend beyond file transfer.




Signiant’s proprietary transport technology is the foundation upon which Signiant was built. Our continued investment in this area has allowed Signiant to remain a leader in the category for more than 15 years, and our software is relied upon to move petabytes of high-value content every day. Each Signiant product capitalizes on our advanced acceleration technology to transfer content up to 100 times faster than standard Internet transmission speeds, and Signiant technology is capable of moving any size of file or data set over any IP network, while taking advantage of all available bandwidth.

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SaaS Platform Architecture

Signiant’s Software-Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform connects people, systems and the cloud, providing centralized access, visibility and control across global supply chains. With a unique hybrid architecture that separates data plane and control plane layers, the platform offers seamless, secure access to media assets on any storage, in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment. Customers can become part of the SDCX ecosystem by deploying any product in Signiant’s portfolio of SaaS solutions.

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Control & Visibility

Signiant makes it possible for customers to efficiently manage a file transfer footprint of any size, with software that adjusts seamlessly as the number of endpoints increases. Various web interfaces provide insight into transfer operations, and enable control, configuration and reporting functions. Signiant also offers a range of tools for resource management and automation, including a suite of APIs that allow for the integration of Signiant products with third-party systems.

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The world’s top media brands trust Signiant software to protect their high-value assets in flight from source to destination. Signiant’s multi-layered approach to security encompasses both policy and technology strategies that are guided by a set of secure design principles. To evaluate our established procedures and encourage continual improvement, Signiant regularly engages independent third parties to review and test the design and implementation of its security functionality.

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Our Patents

Signiant holds a number of patents for technological innovation in the file transfer sphere, including several for our innovative and pioneering use of cloud technology.

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