Technology Overview

The Signiant Platform technology is trusted by more than 50,000 companies for their mission-critical workflow processes.

At its core, the Signiant Platform ensures fast, secure movement of large data sets over any IP network, in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, with comprehensive control and visibility at any scale. The Signiant Platform’s unique architecture provides people and systems with access to media assets and metadata located across disparate and distributed storage repositories. This modern foundation lays the groundwork for the development of innovative tools and services that will extend Signiant’s offerings beyond file transfer.

Ultimately, the Signiant Platform is powered by technology that enables content exchange and workflow processes within and between companies of all sizes. With Signiant, everyone and every technology in the production and distribution global supply chain can be connected.

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Our Patents

Signiant holds a number of patents for technological innovation in the file transfer sphere, including several for our innovative and pioneering use of cloud technology.

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