Explore the Main Components to Signiant Technology


Cloud & SaaS

Signiant pioneered the first true cloud-native SaaS solutions for accelerated file transfers. In 2012, we led the media technology industry into the world of SaaS and now have nine patents related to our unique use of cloud technology.

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Signiant’s patented intelligent transport minimizes the impact of latency and packet loss to optimize file transfers over any public or private IP network. Our unique transport technology is designed to reliably move any size file or data set, in its entirety, and is capable of multiple Gbps transfer speeds.

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Signiant software is trusted by the world’s top media brands to protect their high value assets in flight. We leverage standards-based security technology to secure data as it is transmitted, and our security technology and practices regularly undergo extensive third-party reviews.

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Control & Visibility

Signiant solutions enable customers to efficiently manage a file transfer footprint of any size, growing seamlessly as the number of endpoints increases. Our dashboards provide unified control and operational insight, and we offer a range of tools for bandwidth management and workflow automation.

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Storage Independence

As the storage landscape has become more complex with most companies using a mix of on-premises and public cloud storage, Signiant provides an important abstraction layer, making it seamless to access media assets on any type of storage, anywhere. With Signiant, valuable content always remains under your complete control, in your choice of storage.

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What Makes Signiant’s Technology Unique?

Signiant is an enterprise software company that specializes in moving large files in their entirety over public and private IP networks. Our full-stack solutions combine advanced transport protocols with specialized application software that enables user interactions and management at scale.

The company’s technical expertise falls into these key areas: cloud-native SaaS, acceleration protocols, enterprise-grade security, control & visibility, and storage independence. Signiant has thirteen patents issued across our core acceleration technology and for our innovative use of the cloud. We are the proud recipient of an EMMY award in recognition of our impact on the Media & Entertainment industry.

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