Big Files, Big Challenges

With more remote collaboration and global partnerships, the need to access and exchange large, high-value digital assets with speed, reliability and security is more challenging and more important than ever.

This guide covers:

  • Market drivers

  • Options for large file transfers

  • Key considerations for evaluating modern solutions that can scale to businesses of any size

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Why the world’s top media companies have abandoned WeTransfer, FTP and hard drives for modern, enterprise-grade SaaS solutions


Most disruptive innovations are driven by conditions of the time. Born at the intersection of change and frustration, new solutions emerge when an industry has evolved beyond existing tools and businesses struggle to remain efficient and competitive. We are in such a time in the Media & Entertainment industry, especially for those directly involved in creating and distributing content. Moving files across modern media supply chains — from production to post production and through multiple distribution channels — is a growing challenge, and traditional file movement technologies like FTP and hard drives or non-media-specific solutions like WeTransfer are no longer viable.

Just as most businesses today can’t operate without the Internet, media companies are realizing an essential need for large file transfer solutions — advanced technology that makes it easy to transfer any size file with speed and security over standard IP networks, no matter how far across the globe they need to go. If you’re looking to overcome these challenges facing today’s media businesses, it’s important to understand the market drivers that have created the need, the available options for moving media files, and some key requirements to look for when choosing large file transfer software.

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Discovery, Inc.

Josh Derby, Group Vice President, Advanced Technology & Development

“Because of our global footprint, we’re always looking for ways to get programs around the world faster…Signiant was the first place we turned.”


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