The easiest and most reliable way to send any size file, anywhere, fast.

The EASIEST way to send large files

Sending files with Media Shuttle is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto a web page. It’s so intuitive that your users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation.


Sending large files over long distances is very slow with other technologies. By practically eliminating latency and effectively utilizing available bandwidth, Media Shuttle’s proven file acceleration technology speeds up transfers over public and private networks up to 200 times faster than standard methods (such as FTP).

NO file size LIMITS

With Media Shuttle you don’t have to worry about shipping hard drives, compressing files or breaking them into smaller files. Media Shuttle allows you to send any size file, anywhere, fast.


Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart, which automatically retries or resumes failed transfers. You’ll also receive email notifications when files have been downloaded, so you’ll never have to guess if your files went through.

Consolidate into a SINGLE SOLUTION

Consolidate all your file transfer needs into one simple solution. Media Shuttle supports person-to-person transfers, file sharing and workflow onramps. Keep track of all your file movement and users in one place.

CLOUD-NATIVE SAAS architecture

Media Shuttle is subscription based file-transfer software delivered with our cloud-native SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) architecture. Simply put, all the logistics of file movement are managed by our cloud software, and the content files are stored in the location that you choose.


With Media Shuttle, you have the choice of storing your content files on-premises or in cloud object storage. This includes the flexibility to allocate all the same storage locations, or the choice of allocating different storage locations for each of your portals. Ultimately that means you have full control of where your files are at all times, and the flexibility to easily change that storage allocation at any time not locking you into any one provider.

AUGMENT existing FTP

Many organizations have invested time and resources making FTP servers available to share content. Media Shuttle can be installed right alongside an existing FTP system and users can take advantage of the simple user interface, speed and powerful Media Shuttle platform without having to migrate any content. During installation of Media Shuttle all you need to do is point to the existing FTP file structure and you’re ready to go.

Signiant’s powerful TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

Signiant has been helping the world’s largest media and entertainment companies move petabytes of data for the last decade. Although Media Shuttle is relatively new to our portfolio, it is built on the same powerful technology platform that companies like Disney, ESPN, Fox and many others rely on to securely move their files. This foundation includes acceleration, security, scalability, elasticity, and resource management.


Once you’ve purchased Media Shuttle, a Signiant customer on- boarding specialist will guide you through setting up your first portal. Simply decide the best storage location for your files — either your local storage or your cloud object storage — and assign a URL and administrators. As you’re assigning each portal, you can choose between one of three modes to move your files:

  • SEND: enabled for person to person file transfer.
  • SHARE: allows users to upload and download files within designated folders.
  • SUBMIT: provides an onramp for users to submit files to a workflow process, including a mobile app to submit news directly from the field.

Once the portal is allocated, administrators will automatically receive an email with a link to the portal. From there, they can login and manage customizations, file movement and user access.

Customizing PORTALS

What is a portal? The portal in Media Shuttle is the web page where users send, share or submit files; and administrators manage customization, file movement and user access. All portals are assigned and allocated with the client’s installed software; however the portal web pages are hosted and delivered by Signiant’s cloud software and infrastructure. As a result, administrators can make changes to branding of the portal or user accessibility on the fly. They also have visibility into all of the transactions completed with Media Shuttle – when and what files have been sent and by whom.

USING Media Shuttle

Sending, sharing, or submitting a file with Media Shuttle is so intuitive that users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation. Once a user is added to your portal, they will receive an email with a link to the portal page. On their first visit to the portal page they will be prompted to install a simple plugin; then all they have to do is drag files to or from the webpage as appropriate. Media Shuttle also has a mobile app that allows users to submit content directly from their iPhone or iPad. Go here to download the app.

No file size limits
UDP acceleration
Zero bandwidth charges
Email notifications
Customizable portals
Automatic restart of interrupted transfers
Cloud based administration
Simple file transfer dashboard
Unlimited number of portals
Easy user management
Cloud object storage1
Auto Delivery
Single sign-on with SAML
Metadata handling
Small Business*
20 employees
or less
Special Pricing
Contact sales
starting at $7.5k annually

Contact sales
starting at $35k annually

Contact sales
* Small Business package same as Professional feature set.

1 – Includes a monthly amount of data transfer into and out of the cloud, based on subscription tier.


Signiant has chosen a unique licensing model designed especially for the media and entertainment industry. User-based pricing makes a lot of sense for Media Shuttle, but we know that workforces ebb and flow in the media business. Our model ensures that you only pay for the people that are actively using Media Shuttle, and we don’t charge you for occasional one-time users.  Our definition of an active user is someone who sends at least one file, or receives three or more files in a given month.


Your Media Shuttle annual subscription is essentially a pool of floating licenses that is shared across your organization, and only active users consume a license.  Unlike the common model that locks a license to a specific user, the floating license concept gives you the flexibility to have the same users every month for the duration of your subscription – or to change users month over month.


We refer to people with access as “members”: A member is anyone who has been added to a Media Shuttle portal by an administrator, or who has sent or received a file. There is no charge for members and you can add as many people as you want.  In organizations where Media Shuttle is deployed at scale, most employees who touch professional video content are members of one or more portals.


Media Shuttle license are sold in annual subscription blocks of 10 or more users, and the price per user decreases with volume.  Simply estimate how many active users your organization will need and choose the corresponding tier.   It’s not critical to be precise.   You can always contact Signiant to switch to a higher tier as adoption grows, and as described below we will automatically invoice you for monthly overages.


Since Media Shuttle is a SaaS solution, we maintain the service for you, including monitoring the number of active users every month. Every month you will receive a detailed statement that includes the number of licenses in the tier you purchased, active users for the month and a count of all members listed in Media Shuttle. The statement makes it easy for you to analyze the number of active users and determine if you need to change your subscription based on current and future demand for Media Shuttle.

We also make it simple to add users above your selected tier for a high demand period. You do not have to call Signiant or do anything on your side to activate a member. A member can immediately begin using Media Shuttle and we will add them as part of the active user count in next month’s statement and charge you at your current tier. Media Shuttle seamlessly scales for you, another benefit of a SaaS solution.


Media Shuttle’s unique license model provides media and entertainment professionals with distinctive benefits, including:

  • A close connection between the cost of Media Shuttle and the value received because you only pay for people who are actively using the system, not for every person who might occasionally use it.
  • Media Shuttle provides a low administrative burden because you do not need to manage the number of registered members or active users. You can add as many members as you want at no charge and have as many active users as demand dictates. 
  • Signiant’s unique model aligns with the dynamic nature of media and entertainment businesses that have a changing group of people working throughout a project.
  • With Media Shuttle you can choose the model that best fits your business – a fixed vs. variable cost model –providing you greater flexibility than a purely fixed license model.