Media Shuttle

The easiest way for people to access and share any-size file, on any storage, anywhere, fast.

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Media Shuttle offers enterprise-grade capabilities to businesses of all sizes while making it easy to deploy, operate and use. Operations teams get complete control from a simple, yet powerful, admin interface while end-users love the simplicity of its stunning user experience.

Move faster

Media Shuttle’s proven file acceleration technology speeds up transfers over public and private networks up to 200 times faster than standard methods (such as FTP). Our patented technology practically eliminates latency, effectively utilizing available bandwidth.

No file size limits

With Media Shuttle you don’t have to worry about shipping hard drives, compressing files or breaking them into smaller files. Media Shuttle allows you to send any size file, anywhere, fast.

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Rock-solid reliability

Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart, which automatically retries or resumes failed transfers. You’ll also receive email notifications when files have been downloaded, so you’ll never have to guess if your files went through.

Comprehensive security model

Building on the core Transport Layer Security (TLS) built into the Signiant transfer protocol, Media Shuttle contains a variety of security features that adhere to the information assurance principle of “defense in depth”. A defense-in-depth design strategy incorporates several security controls for a system so that multiple security failures must occur before an attacker can gain access to critical resources.

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Easier, faster and more secure than FTP

Unlike FTP, Media Shuttle never requires training or instructions and you can be up and running in hours. Without having to rely on IT, portal administrators can track file movement, easily add or remove users, and customize their portals to match branding and language specifications. Media Shuttle is far and away the easiest way to send large files fast.

A single solution for all of your file transfers

A key benefit of Media Shuttle is that it enables organizations to consolidate all their file transfers within a single solution; all transfer activity and users can be monitored, managed and controlled from a single place.

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