Storage Independence

Committed to Storage Independence

With the advent of cloud technology, storage choices have proliferated in recent years. Signiant products have kept pace with these changes and are designed to connect to several different types of storage. Our technology can facilitate transfers between global endpoints that utilize on-premises file storage, on-premises object storage, or the public cloud — it’s your choice.

As an independent company, we work with all of the world’s major storage brands and public cloud platforms. Our SaaS platform connects to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage and we have no vested interest in any storage company or technology.

Why Storage Independence Matters

Choose Appropriate Storage for Every Situation

Different classes of assets need to be stored in different ways. Especially in data-intensive media operations, it’s important to be able to strategize on a case-by-case basis about what kind of storage to use. Concerned about cloud storage for that pre-release content? On-prem object storage might be the best choice, readily accommodated by Signiant solutions. Likewise, when AWS, Azure, or GCS storage makes more sense, we will get your content there in a fast, reliable manner.

Support Tiered Storage and Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Media enterprises have long employed tiered storage models, utilizing several storage types to accommodate different cost, performance, availability and recovery needs. Content files typically move between tiers as assets proceed through the media life cycle.

With its infinite scalability and global availability, cloud storage is a very useful addition to tiered storage architectures. But, in the vast majority of cases, the assets will also spend time in on-prem storage during their journey from image capture to the consumer. Media enterprises therefore favor hybrid cloud architectures, and the ability to seamlessly move things back and forth is an essential building block.

Maintain Cloud Storage Control an Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Signiant’s approach to cloud storage is simple: we don’t resell cloud storage, and we support major public cloud platforms. These two dimensions give our customers an important level of control over their content and their economics.

Our Media Shuttle platform shares some attributes with online file-sharing services like Box or Dropbox. Unlike those offerings, however, we don’t bundle the application with cloud storage. By allowing you to utilize your storage tenancy in AWS, Azure, or GCS we give you complete control of storage costs and the freedom to change platforms as you see fit. Your content is always under your direct control, available to other cloud services as needed.

Signiant’s Flight offering is also agnostic with respect to AWS, Azure, and GCS; a single subscription works for all three platforms. Flight’s cloud-native design further minimizes switching costs since you never need to deploy cloud compute and software. Signiant operates auto-scaling server-side infrastructure globally in both platforms, so you can simply connect to whichever cloud data center you choose.

Signiant Products Enable Storage Independence

Storage flexibility is built into each of Signiant’s four products and together they support nearly every file transfer use case.


Manager+Agents is Signiant’s flagship solution for automated file transfers between geographically distributed locations. Used by most of the world’s top Media and Entertainment companies within their global technology infrastructures, Manager+Agents provides central control and visibility into the entire file movement ecosystem.


Signiant Flight, our SaaS solution for accelerated file movement to and from the cloud, has extended our customers’ choices for storage to the cloud. Flight can be used as a standalone utility to quickly move large files and big data to and from cloud storage. But it is also integrates with Manager+Agents (introduced above), making it easy to add cloud storage to your on-premises workflows.

A Flight/Manager+Agents integration provides full visibility and control of all file movement from one dashboard, whether the files are staying local, moving to another on-premises location or to the cloud.

In fact, for many media companies, Flight and cloud storage have been part of a larger move to the cloud, as cloud and SaaS solutions are rapidly being adopted across the industry for some very practical reasons. The extreme agility demands placed on media technology — which must deal with unpredictable spikes and global, time-sensitive projects while operating on extremely large professional media files — make cloud solutions exceptionally well suited. Our other SaaS solutions, Media Shuttle and Jet, have also been central to that transition.

Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle is Signiant’s SaaS solution for person-to-person large file transfers and is far and away the most popular solution for accelerated file transfers around the world.

Storage is required behind the scenes to enable people to send and share large files with Media Shuttle. (SEND works on a store-and-forward basis, and SHARE provides access to assets in a shared folder structure.) Customers can utilize their on-premises file storage or their object storage tenancy in either AWS or Azure, and they are free to mix and match.

When cloud storage is selected (automatically backed by our Flight technology), the entire solution is delivered as a SaaS. Signiant hosts and manages the data transfer servers in the cloud, so all you need to do is connect it to your storage account in AWS, Azure, or GCS.

Media Shuttle users can choose storage location on a per portal basis. Switching between on-premises and cloud storage is as simple as reconfiguring where the individual portals “point to” for the content. The same is true for switching between cloud storage vendors, and there is no fee for switching (or adding) storage type or cloud vendor.