Get More Out of Your Network

Why a bigger pipe alone doesn’t lead to faster file transfers


iPerf is a great tool for testing, measuring and tuning your network but network conditions change – all the time.

Modern intelligent transport technology can adapt in real-time to network conditions and help you avoid constant, manual tuning. If you’re using testing tools like iPerf to constantly diagnose network issues related to slower than expected file transfers, you’re going to want to read this guide.

Read Get More Out of Your Network to learn:

  • How intelligent transport technology uses machine learning to adapt to network conditions in real-time,
  • When to use UDP, when to use TCP and how intelligent file transfer makes decisions on the fly,
  • How the right software can help with network latency, packet loss and congestion, and
  • Why Signiant technology helps you get the most of your bandwidth.

With the other solutions, we couldn’t utilize the speed we had or the speed a client had. We have a one gig pipe coming into our office and we move a lot of media, so this was a major concern.

Michael Ball, Managing Editor, Accord Productions


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