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Remote access to large media assets from any storage has never been easier or faster

Standard web-based collaboration tools — from Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and Slack — which function wonderfully in most industries, lack the large media sharing speed and security technology necessary for most media projects.

Media Shuttle is an enterprise-grade large media sharing SaaS solution packaged and priced for any-sized business with remote employees or partners.

Why Media Shuttle for remote access?

Speed and Reliability – our patented acceleration technology offers speeds up to 100 times faster than standard internet transfers such as FTP and includes Checkpoint Restart functionality for unprecedented reliability

Storage Choice and Security – end users can securely access content anytime, anywhere around the world and from any type of storage, on-prem or in the cloud

Easy to Deploy, Operate and Use – your team can be up and running in minutes for a seamlessly remote access experience with an intuitive drag and drop interface and delegated web-based administration

Check out a Media Shuttle share portal and experience its speed and ease-of-use.

We needed everyone—including filmmakers, producers, studios, post production supervisors, visual effects artists, editors, and directors—to feel like they were in the same room, regardless of whether they’re in New York, London or Los Angeles.

Zak Tucker, Co-founder at Harbor Picture Company

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