Why are you still using FTP?

It’s slow, unreliable, insecure and there are far better options

Many studios and large enterprises are banning FTP as a way to transfer files. FTP has been at the root of many major security breaches and there are now solutions that are far easier, faster and more secure. It’s time to put an end to FTP.

FTP is slow. Modern tools allow you to take full advantage or your existing network offering transfer speeds that can be 100X faster.

FTP is unreliable. When a transfer gets interrupted that can cost hours or even days. Modern tools will automatically restart a transfer from the point of failure.

FTP is a headache. Modern SaaS tools are much easier to deploy, manage and use, freeing up IT resources for more strategic work.

FTP is a massive security risk. It has been at the root of many security breaches. Make sure your file transfer software offers enterprise-grade security.


FTP was developed in the 1970s. If you’re still using tools like Filezilla, Egnyte or Cyberduck, it’s time for a modern solution that meets the demands of today’s file sizes and global workflows while keeping your digital assets secure. Try Media Shuttle now.

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FTP physically pains me, now that I’m used to Media Shuttle.

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