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Epix Uses Signiant to Bring HD Content Workflow Innovation to Marketplace

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Signiant was a key technology partner in Epix’s ability to streamline media workflows and automate back-end processes to help drive profitability. The multi-platform approach Epix developed necessitates the free-flow of large file sizes between in-house studios, cable and online distribution channels and multi-screen end users. By gathering and taking advantage of the industry’s best technical resources, Signiant and its partners enabled Epix to manage numerous procurement lifecycles from a single automated platform.

With Signiant’s software, Epix was able to focus their resources and attention specifically on content and less on workflow management.


  • Design an optimal workflow to help deliver Epix’s extensive library of HD movies, concerts, and original content across their premium cable channel, video-on-demand and online services
  • Help the channel achieve maximum efficiency in blending online, linear and on-demand distribution workflows
  • Meet the demands of adding new customers and create operational efficiencies on a scale never before seen in the entertainment industry


  • Create unique workflows, automations and notifications to power the multiplatform supply chain
  • Provide status alerts and updates throughout the workflow process
  • Allow easy execution of unified procurement strategies with Signiant’s Integrated Partners Program (SIPP)


  • Helped move Epix toward “lights-out,” demand-driven and database-managed procurement workflows
  • Enabled Epix to freely manage multiple procurement lifecycles from a single automated platform
  • Replaced manual intervention with scalable and error free automation

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