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Signiant’s Media Shuttle Helps MEDIAPRO Span The Globe

By Marc Andreu Valls

MEDIAPRO is an independent production company in Europe’s audiovisual market. Offering a full slate of technical and creative services, our portfolio includes everything from content production, post production, media and digital asset management, to the acquisition of sports TV rights and the distribution and broadcast of television channels. We currently have 58 offices spread across 36 countries on four continents.

File transfer that is fast, reliable and secure is essential to the success of our operations. Whether we are producing and distributing live coverage of top-tier sporting events, like the Pan American Games, or creating award-winning cinema and television, our geographically-distributed employees and customers overwhelmingly send files digitally. Production and postproduction services regularly send AVC, Apple ProRes and XDCAM files in bundles that exceed 300 GB in size. We also broadcast from 17 television channels that all count on the timely delivery of content via file transfer.

MEDIAPRO was able to move away from FTP distribution in favor of Media Shuttle’s high-speed transport mechanism.

Getting on the Shuttle

Signiant’s Media Shuttle provides an ideal SaaS solution for MEDIAPRO’s business needs. Media Shuttle’s Send, Share and Submit portals are accessible on any web browser—providing a simple means for thousands of our professionals and clients to access and deliver content from anywhere in the internet-connected world. Media Shuttle’s accessible and intuitive portals allow us to send files of all kinds to technicians, marketing personnel, production assistants, etc., and there is never a problem in understanding how the system works.

Not only is Media Shuttle simple to learn and use, the application also eases the burden on our IT staff by allowing them to delegate portal administration rights to another user. This designated portal administrator can add and remove users, monitor content flow, enable features, and change the portal design. This ensures that our IT department maintains control of network and storage settings while removing the need for them to spend time managing portals. Using Media Shuttle, it’s easy to manage transfers, configure portals, upload and download material—always independently of the IT guys.

Before moving to Media Shuttle, we distributed content by FTP. That protocol’s limitations made long transfer time lapses and interruptions a constant issue of concern in our day-to-day operations. In comparison, Signiant’s acceleration maintains a consistent level of performance when transferring large files, even over great distances. The software’s high-speed, intelligent transport mechanism and network optimization allows for the use of all available bandwidth, and its checkpoint restart capability ensures that files transmit reliably when connection is restored after a network interruption.

Instilling Confidence

At MEDIAPRO, we also recognize Signiant’s responsiveness to concerns we may have. We particularly appreciate Signiant always working on improving the system and updating us on any new developments. It shows foresight, competitiveness and ambition. They care about us and anticipate our needs.

Media Shuttle and its portal system have helped our clients feel confident about the delivery and arrival of their content. We never have to cancel a show due to a transfer problem. Media Shuttle’s speed and reliability ensure that MEDIAPRO can keep fans cheering.

Marc Andreu Valls is director of Media Services at MEDIAPRO—his department is in charge of the digital ingest and delivery. They provide services to 17 on-air channels, receive the content, files, do the QC, cut and edit the files and send the programs to the Master Control, and different VOD and OTT platforms.

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